‘Outlander’ Star David Berry Reveals It Is Not Hard To Look At Sam Heughan ‘Lovingly’

David Berry did an excellent job portraying Lord John on Season 3 of Outlander. While Berry excelled at playing a closeted gay man who shares a deep love for all things Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), he credits his co-stars for making his job easy — especially when it comes to interacting with Heughan.

In an interview with TV Line, Berry admitted that it doesn’t take a lot of talent to look at Heughan with longing eyes. Most Outlander fans would agree. There aren’t many characters on Outlander that don’t crush hard on James Alexander Malcolm Fraser, and we don’t blame them.

“No. I don’t think you need much direction to look at Sam longingly. [Laughs] He’s a beautiful man. I can say that as a straight man… I imagine John with a sense of desire, but also in a sense of longing for love, and I think that’s what really connects people,” Berry explained in the interview.

Lord John plays a big part in the overall story of Outlander. Although we won’t see much of him in Season 4 now that Jamie and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) are in America, he will play a larger role moving forward. In fact, author Diana Gabaldon loved Lord John so much that she wrote a series of spin-offs from his perspective.

Berry has read most of these novellas, though he refused to talk too much about the upcoming season and what we can expect to see from Lord John.

As fans of the books already know, John eventually arrives in America in Gabaldon’s fourth book, Drums of Autumn. Without spoiling too much about the upcoming season, Berry talked about how Jamie and John are able to continue their strong bond despite the time apart.

He also revealed that he’s developed a real-life friendship with Heughan and tries to remain in contact with his co-star even when they are not filming.

As far as Heughan is concerned, the Outlander star recently talked about what Berry brings to the show and had nothing but good things to say about his co-star. In fact, Heughan admitted that his scenes with Berry are some of his favorite ones to film and he can’t wait for them to get back at it for Season 4.

Speaking of new scenes, Outlander just released some bonus material from Season 3. One clip features a scene between John and his soon-to-be wife, Isobel (Tanya Reynolds) about his chess game with Jamie. Looking sad about his unrequited love, John reveals that Jamie lets him win to spare his pride. The scene will be included in the upcoming DVD release of Season 3.

Starz has not announced an official premiere date for Season 4 of Outlander, but it is expected to return sometime in late summer or early spring.

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