Chris Hemsworth Meets Usain Bolt At The Commonwealth Games

For the last few days, it seems that Chris Hemsworth has been taking in the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. The actor, who plays Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has been posting to social media and sharing pictures and videos of his time at the games, including sharing a picture of himself with his parents that got many people on Twitter buzzing. With Hemsworth enjoying the Commonwealth Games like anyone else, it makes sense that he might meet up with some other big names, including Olympians.

According to, it seems that Chris Hemsworth had the chance to not only meet Usain Bolt at the games but also chat with him and take pictures. While the two men might have very different backgrounds, with one being a Marvel superhero and the other an eight-time gold medalist at the summer Olympics. Having apparently not met prior to running into each other at the games, based on the pictures that have been shared of Bolt and Hemsworth, it looks like these two were fast friends. The two men could be seen laughing with each other, striking poses, including Usain Bolt’s Olympic lightning pose, and even taking pictures together, which were then shared to social media. In fact, both men shared a picture together to their respective social media accounts.

In the image that Usain Bolt shared to his Twitter account, the two can be seen sitting together smiling at the camera. In the caption for the post, Bolt simply said, “Infinity War,” while tagging Chris Hemsworth and using the hashtags for both Thor and the Commonwealth Games 2018.

Then in the picture that Hemsworth shared to his Instagram account, the two men can be seen doing Usain Bolt’s signature lightning pose, while the Olympian is smiling at the camera. The caption for the actor’s post is a bit more fun and lighthearted, as he lets the world know he has found a new Avenger. Chris Hemsworth tells his followers that Bolt makes the Flash “look like he’s skateboarding in the sand.” In his own tags, the actor tagged not only Avengers: Infinity War but also the Olympian and the Commonwealth Games as well.

While the pictures certainly made it seem like Usain Bolt and Chris Hemsworth had a good time at the games, also had the chance to speak to the actor about meeting the athlete. It seems that getting to meet the Olympian was “the highlight” of his year, and he called himself a “big fan” while also admitting that he was a bit starstruck.

Although the pictures may not show Hemsworth looking starstruck upon meeting Usain Bolt, it seems that even superheroes have their idols.

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