Horror Movie ‘Mama’ Expected To Bury ‘The Last Stand,’ ‘Broken City’ At Box Office

The upcoming horror movie Mama is expected to dominate the box office over the weekend.

Produced by Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro, Andres Muschietti’s genre effort follows the efforts of a young couple as they attempt to raise two orphaned girls. When the children claim to still be in contact with their dead mother, things start to get a little spooky.

According to the Los Angeles Times, analysts believe that Mama could find its way to the tip top of the box office when all is said and done. Estimates put the film’s weekend total at around $20 million. The movie’s production budget was approximately $15 million.

Zero Dark Thirty star and critical darling Jessica Chastain gets top billing in the supernatural thriller alongside Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Megan Charpentier, and Isabelle Nelisse.

Acclaimed South Korean director Kim Jee-Woon’s US debut The Last Stand is expected to generate around $12 million when it lands in theaters over the weekend. The film stars former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a sheriff who decides to take a stand against a group of criminals headed towards his town. The film reportedly cost around $45 million to make.

Box Office Mojo reports that Schwarzenegger’s last few movies haven’t exactly set the box office on fire. Although 2003’s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines earned around $150 at the domestic box office, films such as The 6th Day and Collateral Damage failed to generate significant wads of cash.

The Russell Crowe and Mark Marhlberg thriller Broken City is also expected to be dominated by Mama over the weekend. Analysts believe the $35 million political drama won’t be able to compete with the del Toro-produced horror flick. Estimates currently put the film’s weekend total at around $12 million.

Before heading out to the theaters to see Andres Muschietti’s horror movie Mama, be sure to read The Inquisitr’s review of the flick.