Abby Lee Miller Taken To The Emergency Room From Halfway House She Is Currently Residing In

At the end of March, Abby Lee Miller was released from prison, where she has been since July of 2017, serving time for tax fraud and hiding more than $700,000 from the government. Following her release from the prison in Victorville, California, she was sent to a halfway house called the Residential Reentry Center in order to finish out her sentence. While the former star of Dance Moms is scheduled to be released from the halfway house on May 25, it seems that the reality star found herself leaving early, but unfortunately it was not for good reasons, as she found herself having to deal with medical issues.

According to a report from TMZ, it seems that on Tuesday, Abby Lee Miller was taken to the emergency room at a Los Angeles hospital near the residential center where she has been staying. The information about her trip to the emergency room apparently came from sources who are with the L.A. Fire department. TMZ‘s sources shared that medics went to the Residential Reentry Center on Tuesday afternoon, after responding to a call for what is being called an “unspecified medical complaint.”

Although there was an apparent medical issue with Abby Lee Miller, the former Dance Moms star was able to walk out of the halfway house under her own power in order to get into the waiting ambulance. Sources who are close to the situation revealed that Miller went to the emergency room in order to be seen for an issue that has not yet been disclosed.

While it is unclear why Abby Lee Miller went to the hospital at this time, the former Dance Moms star has apparently been doing well at the halfway house, where she has been in an environment that is structured, supervised, and of course, safe. The Residential Reentry Center is a place where people in the final stretch of their sentences typically receive “employment counseling, job placement, and financial management assistance.”

For now, there does not seem to be any further information as to what is wrong with Abby Lee Miller which led to her being taken to the emergency room, or if it will have an effect on her time at the halfway house.

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