Jay-Z And Beyonce Submit Building Permits That Will Help Increase Security At Their Bel-Air Mansion

This summer, Beyonce and Jay-Z are set to go on the road for their “On the Run II” stadium tour, which means they will be away from home and also working hard. With the family not spending the summer at their Bel-Air mansion starting June, it makes sense that they would want to protect their property, especially in light of the current string of break-ins that have been taking place in the Los Angeles area.

According to a report from TMZ, it seems that Jay-Z and Beyonce have decided to not only increase security at their home but also make the property seem almost like a fortress. It seems that the couple has submitted building permits that will transform their Bel-Air mansion and make it into “an impenetrable security compound,” although they will also be keeping the comfort level up as well.

Based on the building permits that were submitted, Beyonce and Jay-Z are looking to build both a two-car garage, as well as 10-car carport. These two structures will include not only rooms for the security guards but also living quarters. The additions to the property will each feature a half bath, while the new garage is set to be two stories.

As part of their work to increase the security of their Bel-Air mansion, Jay-Z and Beyonce have also decided that both structures are going to be placed in a strategic manner. The new 2-car garage will be built towards the front of the house, facing the road. When it comes to the 10-car carport, the placement of the new structure will have it facing toward the road at the back of the property.

Although there have been no break-ins reported at Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Bel-Air home at this time, it makes sense that they would be working to increase security, not only because of their upcoming tour, but also in light of the series of break-ins that have taken place recently. Among those celebrities who have already been targeted by burglars in the area are people such as Kendall Jenner, Nicki Minaj, and even Kanye West. With so many big names having already fallen prey to break-ins, Beyonce and Jay-Z seem to be working to prevent that from happening while they are on the road.

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