Tom Holland Reveals He Was Unable To Impress Madonna With His Dancing

On Friday’s edition of the Graham Norton Show, Tom Holland was one of the celebrity guests who were there to talk about their current projects, embarrassing moments, and other interesting tidbits. While Holland was asked about his work as Spider-Man on the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, perhaps the most interesting part of his visit to the talk show was when he revealed his inability to impress Madonna.

According to the Daily Mail, Tom Holland had the chance to meet Madonna at an after party following the Academy Awards, however, at the time he also admitted to having “had one too many when a friend of mine dragged me over to meet her.” Holland shared that the encounter started off poorly when his friend brought him over to meet Madonna, but he did not know what he should say to her. In fact, the actor said on the way over to meet the singer his only thought was on what he should say, but it seems that he was unable to come up with anything meaningful to start a conversation with, so Tom Holland simply went with “hello.”

With it seeming to be an awkward moment, Holland’s friend decided to jump in and cover for the awkwardness, which led to his friend telling Madonna that he was “a great dancer.” It seems that once the singer heard this, she asked the Spider-Man actor, who showed off some of his dance abilities during an episode of Lip Sync Battle, to show her some of his moves.

According to Tom Holland, he proceeded to take Madonna’s hand and dance with her, but he said that he ended up being “terrible,” and he could tell that she was rather unimpressed with him. Holland explained that his inability to impress the legendary singer led to him actually bailing on her and leaving her on the dance floor. The actor shared that this was perhaps one of the most embarrassing moments he has ever dealt with up to this point.

Following his meeting with Madonna, Tom Holland said he shared what had happened with his family. Holland said when he told them about the entire meeting, his dad laughed, his mom cringed, and his little brother actually asked who Madonna was.

While Tom Holland may have appeared on the Graham Norton Show to talk about his work on the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, it is his story about meeting Madonna that really left an impression.

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