‘WrestleMania’ Plans For Shawn Michaels Canceled By Vince McMahon, According To ‘DirtySheets’

There must be dozens of ideas discussed by WWE officials for WrestleMania every year that end up on the cutting room floor. The WWE Universe isn’t even aware of most of them, but some ideas leak and give fans a preview of what the company has planned for the grandest stage of them all. With only six days left until WrestleMania 34, one such idea has come to light about a huge “concert” segment for Elias on the show, reported Wrestling Inc.

Originally, the segment was expected to be 20 minutes or more of Elias performing and trying to sing a song before being interrupted by some WWE legends. WWE officials have been negotiating with The Rock to be the last legend to appear, to take out Elias with his signature moves, and end the segment with a song of his own. DirtySheets reported that The People’s Champion still hasn’t been locked in for the appearance, so Vince McMahon considered Shawn Michaels as a replacement if The Rock couldn’t make WrestleMania.

The idea was for Mr. WrestleMania to sing his “Sexy Boy” theme song and to end the segment after taking out Elias with Sweet Chin Music. Vince McMahon thought about it for a week before deciding it was best to cancel the entire segment because it was designed to feature The Rock’s star power. Without him, it wasn’t worth committing 20 minutes of the show to the concert idea even with HBK as a replacement. There’s still a chance for The Rock to save the segment, but Shawn Michaels may not have a role on the show at all.

Shawn Micheals Role For WrestleMania 34 Has Been Canceled
It’s unclear if The Heartbreak Kid will appear on the grandest stage of them all.

Unfortunately, WWE officials have been forced to cut entire matches from the WrestleMania card because of time constraints. The WWE Universe adores Shawn Michaels, but his presence on the show is not a top priority this year. HBK will undoubtedly be in New Orleans over the weekend, but it’s unclear if he’s up for another role on the grandest stage of them all after being shunned by Vince McMahon in the Elias segment.

Shawn Michaels could appear as one of the WWE legends to interrupt Elias before The Great One ends the segment. That would give The Rock and The Heartbreak Kid the opportunity to share the ring for the first time at WrestleMania. WWE officials want more star power, so why not have those two legends share a special moment with the WWE Universe? There are still possibilities for The Showstopper to steal the show at WrestleMania 34. It’s just a matter of WWE officials figuring out the best way to use Mr. WrestleMania.

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