‘Miserable’ Anna Duggar Made A Surprising TV Appearance Before Josh Duggar’s Scandal

It’s a well-known fact that Anna Duggar’s TV credits are limited to 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On, plus any interviews she has done throughout the years. But, is it possible the former reality star appeared in a scripted TV show when she was younger?

A fan with possibly a little too much time on their hands recently discovered an interesting entry on Duggar’s IMDB page, and it could mean she was part of a big no-no in the Duggar family.

In Touch Weekly is reporting that a Duggar mega fan recently started a Reddit thread asking if fans knew about Anna’s 1992 credit of appearing on an episode of Married with Children. The listing says that Anna Keller (her maiden name) was part of the episode The Gas Station Show when she was four years old and played the role of Karin.

After a little bit of digging, someone found the episode’s transcript but discovered that Karin didn’t have any lines.

“I can’t find any pictures, but it’s on her official IMDB page, so it definitely happened. So, freaking weird, right?!” wrote a fan.

However, others were quite skeptical and believed it to be a glitch. IMDB has been known to get things wrong from time to time.

It’s hard to believe that Anna’s parents would have allowed her to be on such a controversial show, considering their religious beliefs. But, somebody will surely find the video of the episode soon and figure out if she really did make an appearance on the raunchy Fox sitcom.

Ironically, the family that has become famous because on TV, but doesn’t allow anyone to watch television in their home. The Duggars do not own a TV, and Anna has revealed in interviews that she and her husband decided early in their marriage to take the TV out of the house because they thought it was detrimental to their relationship.


Of course, as fans know, her husband still found a way to make things difficult for her. In 2015, the story broke that Josh molested five underage girls when he was a teenager, and he cheated on Anna using the website Ashley Madison.

The 29-year-old decided to stay in the marriage instead of leaving Josh, and some reports have claimed that she is miserable but stays because they don’t believe in divorce.

Anna is focusing on raising her five children – Mackynzie, Meredith, Mason, Marcus, and Michael – and recently started sharing pics of her young family again on Instagram after a two-year hiatus.


She will probably not return to Counting On anytime soon since TLC has pretty much banned her husband from the network, but fans once again have the opportunity to keep up with Anna Duggar and her kids via social media.

New episodes of Counting On air Monday nights on TLC.

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