Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Condemned Camilla For Affair With Charles, Called Her ‘Wicked,’ ‘People’ Reports

Queen Elizabeth was revealed to not be a big fan of Camilla Parker-Bowles. Reports claimed that Her Majesty’s resentment for the Duchess of Cornwall goes way back to the time when Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage fell apart due to the love affair scandal.

As reported by Daily Mail, this real situation between Queen Elizabeth and Camilla has been exposed through Tom Bower’s new book entitled Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles. The British journalist detailed how the two women’s relationship is far from what people are seeing from the outside. In fact, Bower described the royal’s treatment of Camilla as a “cold war.”

Most probably, one of the most intriguing highlights of the controversial tell-all book is the Queen’s confrontation with Prince Charles when he tried to ask his mother to accept Camilla into the family. The clash supposedly took place at the Balmoral Castle, a year after Princess Diana’s death.

According to People, Bower’s book revealed that one summer day in 1998, Queen Elizabeth had a few drinks. After finishing seven glasses of martinis, Prince Charles went up to her and asked her to tone down her resentment so he and Camilla could already live openly together.

At that time, when he allegedly spoke to his mother, the Duke of Cornwall was hoping that Her Majesty would at least allow them to be together and would not restrict them directly. However, the reply that Charles got was totally different from what he was expecting.

His mother’s words shocked him to the core and based on the details outlined in Bower’s book, Charles quickly retreated to his room, and with tears in his eyes, called Camilla on the phone.

As narrated by Tom Bower in his manuscript, the Queen who drank a few martinis was tipsy when Charles approached her. Since the alcohol loosened her up, she just spat out what was on her mind.

The Queen allegedly told her son that she would not disregard his infidelity, and she will never forgive Camilla for what she had done. The Queen angrily pointed out that she could have left Charles alone so he could have fixed his marriage to Diana, but she held on to him instead.

After a few moments more and still in the state of being extremely angry, Queen Elizabeth reportedly referred to Camilla as “that wicked woman.” Lastly, Her Majesty said, “I want nothing to do with her.”

In his book, Tom Bower further claimed that Queen Elizabeth’s disapproval of Camilla extends beyond the moral grounds. The journalist alleged that the royal matriarch is also worried about Camilla’s character.

To be more precise, the Queen feels uncomfortable about the fact that the Duchess of Cornwall was painted as a slick mistress following the “Camillagate” scandal.

Furthermore, Bower said that even if Prince Charles and Camilla were able to get married in 2005 at St. George’s Chapel, the Queen still resents Camilla.

During the wedding, Her Majesty was in attendance but she refused to talk to Prince Charles’ new wife. Bower pointed out that even during her speech, the Queen did not address Camilla by name so apparently, her anger did not dissipate even if she allowed her eldest son to marry his mistress.

Meanwhile the Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles is set to be released on March 22.

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