Fans Are Divided Over ‘Sex And The City’s’ Cynthia Nixon’s New York Governor Bid

Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon formally announced her bid for Governor of New York on her Twitter page today, according to Buisness 2 Community, with a two-minute long video that detailed what she believes needs to be changed in the city. The 51-year-old actress said the government needed to work again. That mass incarceration needed to end and that the broken subway needed to be fixed as well as healthcare. She added that “We are sick of politicians who care more about headlines and power than they do about us.”

Some of Nixon’s fellow co-stars offered immediate support.

Willie Garson took to Instagram to share his views, which were nothing but gushing approval.

Not everyone is a fan of Nixon’s decision to challenge the incumbent governor, Andrew Cuomo, though.

After Nixon’s announcement released, the Twitter storm began.

Yet another tweet condemned Nixon for starting at the top rather than with a smaller position like city council or local school board.

Nixon attends Film Spirit Awards

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Nixon had a fair amount of encouragement, especially on Twitter with a comment from one Twitter profile that praised Nixon’s political ad, saying it was the first she’d seen in a while that addresses poverty. Another tweet came with strong excitement that offered Nixon 100 percent support.

The division seems to come mainly from Cynthia Nixon’s celebrity status as many people feel that a stronger candidate is needed to defeat Andrew Cuomo in the primaries. Though she has never held public office, Nixon has been an outspoken advocate for education as a spokesperson for the Alliance for Quality Education. She lobbied state lawmakers in Albany in 2011 to legalize same-sex marriage, And, as a breast cancer survivor, she has been a strong advocate for women’s healthcare.

But her activism didn’t impress former city council speaker, Christine Quinn who called Nixon “an unqualified lesbian” and said she wasn’t qualified to be the governor of New York. Quinn believes Governor Cuomo has done a lot for New York and that it’s time for Democrats to be united in order to take back control of the House and the Senate. Though Nixon didn’t seem bothered by Quinn’s comments, saying instead that the race is about “the corruption in Albany” and that it was “time for an outsider” and she is not “an Albany insider.”

After being called out on Twitter for her derogatory comment, Quinn later apologized for calling Nixon “an unqualified lesbian” and said the actress’ sexual orientation should never have been brought into her comments. She remains steadfast in her belief that Nixon is unqualified, though.

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