WWE Issues Update On Shane McMahon’s Injuries After He Was Brutally Attacked By Owens & Zayn On ‘SmackDown’

Shane McMahon addressed the WWE Universe on the last episode of SmackDown Live. It was an anticipated segment following his interference in the Six-Pack Challenge at Fastlane 2018. However, things did not go down as planned for the SmackDown commissioner. Shane was brutally attacked by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to an extent that he was being attended by paramedics as the show went off the air.

Earlier on the show, Shane McMahon addressed the WWE Universe and announced that he would be taking a temporary leave of absence due to his recent actions, as reported by Wrestling Inc. He also declared a match between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn at WrestleMania 34. This enraged the duo, who decided to interfere with the proceedings and show their anger in the most expected way.

Zayn blindsided McMahon, with Owens also jumping in to attack the ex-commissioner of SmackDown Live. The duo wrapped a chair around Shane’s head and threw him into the turnbuckle, resulting in a laryngeal contusion, as revealed in the update by WWE. The duo went on to drag Shane backstage, where he was powerbombed onto a metal rack, resulting in trapezius and rhomboid strains. Shane was seen gasping for air after the brutal powerbomb.

The update by WWE added that Shane McMahon would be examined further to ensure that there are no major injuries. It remains to be seen whether Shane McMahon will return as the commissioner of SmackDown Live following this brutal attack. The entire segment was a clear attempt to turn Shane into a babyface.

Notably, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon also had their share of differences with the former insisting on doing what was right. This brutal attack on Shane McMahon by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn could lead Bryan to side with his boss. Bryan has always been sympathetic toward the duo due to the treatment meted out by the commissioner.

This storyline has been dragged for too long, and a huge match to end it is quite possible. The SmackDown Live episode on March 13 has opened up several possibilities. Will Owens face Zayn at WrestleMania 34? Will Daniel Bryan team up with Shane McMahon to take on the Zayn and Owens? Will there be a surprise return for Shane directly at the grandest stage? WWE has managed to keep the fans guessing with several possibilities on the card.

WWE will update on the extent of Shane’s injuries within next 24 hours.

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