‘Pawn Stars’ Chumlee Lost Over 60 Pounds: How He Lost The Weight And How Much He Plans To Lose

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Chumlee, the Pawn Stars fan favorite, has now lost over 60 pounds! He chose to drop the excess pounds by getting the gastric sleeve surgery. What do we know about his weight loss, his goal weight, and how it has been going since his surgery?

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal famed columnist John Katsilometes, Chumlee looks like a different person! Speaking to Austin Lee Russell, better known to Pawn Stars fans as Chumlee, at the Las Vegas Golden Knights NHL hockey game, Chum revealed that he had gastric sleeve surgery.

“I just got gastric sleeve surgery!”

On February 15, Chumlee went in and had the non-invasive surgery. Similar to gallbladder surgery, a small incision is made to add the sleeve, reducing the size of his stomach.

There is no indication whether Corey Harrison, Chum’s Pawn Stars co-star and childhood pal, had anything to do with Chum’s decision to go the gastric sleeve route.

Corey had gastric bypass surgery back in 2010 after a doctor told him he needed “preventative diabetes medication.”

He told People that this wakeup call was all he needed to make some significant changes. He dropped 192 pounds, and he has kept the weight off.

Chumlee’s goal is to lose 170 pounds, and he announced on his YouTube show, Street Knowledge, that he has already lost 60 pounds as of now.

Not only is he now eating small amounts of high-protein food, he is also walking on the treadmill to build muscle as the pounds continue to melt off.

He told Katsilometes that he has a poster of Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo hanging up on his wall “for post-surgery fitness motivation.”

“I want abs like that! And I want a Brazilian butt-lift.”

Pawn Stars fans can understand Chumlee’s renewed enthusiasm and motivation to lose the pounds after he has expressed frustration with his yo-yo weight, as so many people experience.

Back in 2014, Chumlee was down nearly 100 pounds, to 225 pounds after working hard at losing weight. The Inquisitr reported that he didn’t diet, but instead, ate “everything in moderation.”

At the time, Chumlee found weight loss success. He had quit eating all process foods, “except mustard.”

Even on the History Channel show, Chumlee showed the “Old Man,” Richard Harrison, and his boss, Rick Harrison, what to eat to be healthy. He was eating low carb food and drinking green shakes.

Yet, after the time of his infamous arrest for guns and drugs two years ago, it appeared that the weight was creeping back up. Although Chum never mentions the arrest by name on his YouTube show, he does refer to “that tough time” often, and how he is happy about his future.

What about his future? There is no word on whether Pawn Stars will be renewed for another season, but Chumlee has another plan: acting.

He wants to be that bit actor that has just a few lines in a television show or movie. He stated that when he loses the weight, he can pursue his next career!