‘Pawn Stars’ Chumlee Promises We’ll See Less Of Him Soon, And Reveals Post Show Plans

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On the eve of the 500th Pawn Stars episode, Chumlee has gone to his YouTube channel to make a life-changing announcement. He also dished on the future of the History Channel show, his candy store and even what he plans to do when Pawn Stars is canceled.

Austin Lee Russell, better known as Chumlee, and his pal and Pawn Stars coworker/costar, Antwaun Austin, were on a recent episode of their YouTube show, Street Knowledge. In the episode entitled “Gastric Ban[d], Racism and Getting Fired,” Chum revealed what he has been up to, and what he has to say is life changing.

The Pawn Stars fav had something important to say but did not reveal exactly what it was until he went through his previous day.

Chumlee revealed that he was on a new diet. He explained that he was drinking two protein shakes a day and eating a healthy dinner.

He went on to explain that on his first day, he woke up at 11, drank a protein shake, later ate a healthy salad, then met up with his Pokemon card friends. Soon, they all found themselves at McDonald’s. As tempted as he was to enjoy a bun-less burger, he was determined to not cheat, especially on his first day.

“I really didn’t want to cheat on my first day.”

This is because Chumlee has a bigger goal. He wants to lose 150 pounds in six months. He is going to do this by having gastric sleeve surgery. After the sleeve is put on his stomach, this will allow him to eat only six ounces of food at a time, which is about a cup. Then, he explained the weight will begin to melt away.

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Chumlee then explained that he is having surgery in six weeks. He revealed that he needs to improve his numbers as his liver is too fatty, so he has to diet prior to the surgery. If his numbers are good, the surgery only takes about 30 minutes. He didn’t explain what would happen if his liver was still too fatty when he has the surgery. He appeared too determined to make this happen to expect any sort of failure.

He confidently added that the surgery is not invasive. He will get a few small incisions, just like he did when he had his gallbladder surgery.

He then shared that when he was at his goal weight, he was 212 pounds, and that is where he wants to be again. This will be life-changing for him. He is quite excited about his thinner future.

The Inquisitr had reported on how both Chumlee and Corey Harrison lost hundreds of pounds between the two of them a few years back. Corey had the lap band surgery, while Chumlee lost weight through diet and exercise.

But as anyone who has ever dieted and lost weight, keeping it off is tough. He is obviously in the care of a physician and he is on a plan now. Chum is quite upbeat and has the mindset and willpower to make this work.

In a previous episode of Street Knowledge, entitled “Rick’s Best Friend,” Chumlee confessed his doctor wanted him to lose weight because of the severity of his sleep apnea. He was falling asleep when he and his girlfriend were watching movies, and other times during the day, because he was not getting proper rest.

He also explained that he gained a lot of his weight back because he had quit smoking cigarettes. This is not uncommon anyone who quits cigarettes, as they need to find a new habit to replace smoking.

Antwaun also promised that after Chumlee has his surgery, the two men will film themselves working out for the Street Knowledge show. Both want to get into better shape in 2017.

Later in the show, Chum lamented on how he missed snowboarding, and that was one of the things he was looking forward to once he has the surgery and loses weight, as he claimed he was “too fat to snowboard” now.


Chum and Antwaun clearly have a lot of time chatting about their thoughts and opinions and have a lot of stories. From discussing the H&M “racist monkey advertisement” to the culture of barber shops, the two are quite entertaining.

Chum revealed that the last time he visited his barber, “It’s 15 bucks with a five dollar tip,” they were all discussing whether money changes a person. Chumlee had an answer to that. He feels money is a wonderful thing.

“It enables you to be the person you truly wanted to be.”

He added that money has allowed him to travel and to buy a house. Later in the broadcast, Chumlee discussed Chumlee’s Candy on the Boulevard. The store is going great, but he got it to help out his younger brother, Sage Russell, to create a business and run the shop.

Right now, Chum is hoping for another Pawn Stars season deal to be signed so that more checks will keep rolling in for Chum, Corey, and Rick Harrison. Yet, Chumlee has already planned the next chapter of his life. He wants to act.

When Pawn Stars does end, whether it be now or in the future, he plans on “going to LA and take some acting classes.” He figures that after the surgery, he will be slim and television ready. Then, he wants to audition for small bit parts in shows where he may say a line or two.