'One Piece' Chapter 898: Germa 66 Makes Its Move, Will Fans Finally See Smoothie Fight?

Mark Jason Alcala

With the Whole Cake Island Arc approaching its climax, One Piece Chapter 898 of Eiichiro Oda's hit manga series is expected to be even more action-packed than the recent installment. Fans are hopeful that the upcoming chapter will finally showcase the fighting prowess of Smoothie, Big Mom's 14th daughter, and the only Sweet Commander that Luffy is yet to fight. In addition, the re-entry of Sanji's siblings had fans wondering just how powerful the Germa 66 army is, and if they are on par with Big Mom's forces.

However, the plan ended in failure as Pekoms was not able to complete his transformation, as he was attacked preemptively. Thankfully, Sanji was able to block an attack aimed at Luffy, who was still very weak and exhausted after his fight with Katakuri. Yet, even with Sanji's presence, they were still at a disadvantage due to the numerous powerful Big Mom fighters ganging up on them.

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With the Vinsmokes' arrival, fans can't help but speculate on the battle prowess of Sanji's siblings as the escape of Luffy and Sanji will be ultimately in their hands. In fact, some fans are doubtful if the Vinsmokes are powerful enough to deal with Big Mom's numerous children currently stationed on Cacao Island. But whatever happens, Sanji's family will definitely give it their best shot; they've been treated like dirt during Sanji's wedding after all.

Considering that the other two Sweet Commanders were defeated by Luffy, is Oda planning to pit Smoothie against the Straw Hat captain? One Piece Chapter 898 will be released sometime this week. Stay tuned for updates.