‘The Division 2’ In Development, Unlock Rewards For The Sequel By Playing ‘The Division’

Tom Clancy’s The Division is 2-years-old today, and players can celebrate with weekend Global Events. Although more updates, Classified item changes, and additional Global Events are coming to The Division, a sequel is in production by Ubisoft. Massive Entertainment, Red Storm Entertainment, and select Ubisoft subsidiaries are creating The Division 2 on an improved Snowdrop engine, according to the Ubisoft website.

More information on The Division 2 is expected when developers reveal details about the game at E3 2018. Players will have to wait until June for details on the sequel, but progress on The Division is not slowing down. Update 1.8.1 launches in April, with update 1.8.2 releasing in June. The April update will finally introduce improved Classified item drop rates, new legendary modes, and Xbox One X improvements. In addition to doubling the drop rates of Classified gear, the update will also introduce targeted caches, letting players buy caches that contain items from only one specific set.

In June, the 1.8.2 update will add even more legendary options for other missions and begin the cycle of returning Global Events. It will also introduce the Shields system, which links The Division to The Division 2. The Shields campaign extends on the existing achievement system in the game. By completing tasks, players earn Shields, which offer rewards in the sequel, as noted in today’s state of the game. The upcoming Shields system will continue each month through September, according to the game’s official site.

Work on The Division 2 does not mean the end of its predecessor. A road map of updates and Global Events are scheduled for The Division through September. New Global Events and the return of previous ones occur each month. The new Blackout and Onslaught Global Events deploy in April and May, respectively. In June, the rotation of existing Global Events will begin with the return of Outbreak.

A Global Event is available right now since the anniversary event for The Division is currently underway. The Assault Global Event is back today until March 12, giving players a better chance at finding Reclaimer, Sentry, and Striker Classified sets. As the Inquisitr reported, the Strike Global Event returns next weekend and the Ambush event restarts on March 22. During each Global Event, players can earn commendations to unlock face masks unique to each event in The Division.

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