Apple Is Going To Launch Its Own Over-Ear Headphones Featuring An All New Design, According To 'Apple Insider'

Chris van Buren

After launching its AirPods and enjoying success, it seems like Apple is taking music accessories to new heights by introducing over-the-ear headphones. Featuring an all-new design, it's expected to take the whole audio accessory industry by storm.

Functionality And Aesthetic

They will most likely feature wireless connectivity like the AirPods. According to Apple Insider, "Kuo predicts Apple to debut a branded high-end, over-ear headphone with an 'all-new' design to add to its growing audio accessory lineup. A specific launch timeline was not provided, but Kuo believes the device is unlikely to debut prior to the fourth quarter of 2018. "

However, the all-new design that was discussed by Ming-Chi Kuo is vague since over-the-ear headphones are only classified into two designs: open and closed back.

Most headphones share the same design with two ear cups connected by a band/strap and usually only differs with the materials used. However, there are rumors that there will be an integration of metal enclosures. According to Apple Insider, "Current Apple supplier SZS, a metal injection molding specialist, is tipped to be part of the project, potentially pointing to the integration of metal enclosures. It should be noted, however, that MIM technology can be applied to a number of internal components normally used in the construction of such devices. "

It is still unknown as to what audio hardware Apple will use in the branded over-ear headphones.

Upgraded AirPods

Apple is also looking to upgrade the Airpods. Although there will be no changes with its design, the company will focus on its internal components. Rumors also suggest that Apple is going to launch a wireless charging case for the current Airpods together with the AirPower charging mat next month. According to Apple Insider, "Kuo's prediction is in line with a Bloomberg report last week that said Apple is currently working on a next-gen AirPods model that features built-in 'Hey Siri' functionality."

High Price Tag Expected

The all-new over-ear headphones are expected to be more expensive than the AirPods since they will feature better acoustic qualities while sharing the same convenience. According to Apple Insider, Kuo said that "the company is looking to pack in high-quality audio components that will boost performance, but those parts come at a price.

These are the details available for now. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming Apple devices and upgrades.