‘The Division’ Celebrates Two Years With A Month Of Weekend Global Events

Starting today, a Global Event will be active in Tom Clancy’s The Division every weekend for four weeks. Each Global Event is back for a limited time in celebration of the game’s second anniversary. The first of which is underway now with the return of the Outbreak modifiers. Until March 5, players can work on obtaining Classified versions of the DeadEye, Final Measure, and LoneStar gear sets. The Outbreak masks can be earned now as well.

Next weekend, the Assault Global Event is back offering different modifiers and other Classified sets. The Assault event begins on March 8 and ends on March 12 according to the official site. During that Global Event, players of The Division can pick up Classified versions of the Reclaimer, Sentry, and Striker sets.

On March 15, the Strike Global Event returns with Strike modifiers. The Banshee, D3-FNC (Frontline), Path of the Nomad, and Predator’s Mark sets are included in that Global Event. Strike ends on March 19 while the Ambush Global Event starts again on March 22. Ambush rewards include AlphaBridge, FireCrest, Hunter’s Faith, and Tactician’s Authority sets. As noted on The Division website, all commendations and mask rewards are available during the associated Global Event during the anniversary.

Unfortunately, the upcoming Global Event changes are not active during the anniversary weekends as noted during the state of the game address. These Global Event changes include better drop rates of Classified gear, more Division Tech from activities, and targeted caches. As the Inquisitr reported, targeted caches will be available during future Global Events in The Division letting players select which gear set that want to receive. Additionally, a cache containing all Classified gear sets will be available for Phoenix Credits.

During Global Events, all bosses and activities reward Global Event tokens. A base modifier is available everywhere at all times in The Division, but two other modifiers can be selected to increase the token reward. Players can use the tokens to buy Global Event caches with a high chance to receive a piece of Classified gear associated with the current event. Unique commendations can be completed during each Global Event to unlock special face masks, too.

Since it launched in 2016, The Division has welcomed over 20 million unique players. Over 66 billion NPCs have been defeated and nearly 550 million rogue agents were downed in the Dark Zone. Developers plan to continue support of The Division for its third year of operation.

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