‘The OA’ Season 2: Release Date, Brit Marling Announces Filming Date And What To Expect

Creator and star of The OA Brit Marling announced that filming for Season 2 of the Netflix hit series began in January 2018.

The OA is about Prairie Johnson, who had been missing for about seven years when the series begins. Prairie disappeared blind and returned to her parents with her vision and referred to herself as the OA.

Prairie recruits five high school students and convinces them to practice a dance called The Movements, which can open a portal to rescue her friends.

The series drew a comparison to Stranger Things and the ending of the first season was controversial and garnered mixed reviews from fans. If you are looking forward to the ending being explained, Netflix renewed The OA for a second season, which is scheduled for a 2018 release date.

The second season will likely feature eight episodes. Brit Marling tweeted that the writing team has completed eight scripts, which was written during Summer and Fall of 2017.

The short teaser for the upcoming season features Prairie’s voice saying Homer repeatedly along with visuals and braille.

If you recall in the first season (spoilers ahead), Homer was one of the captives held by Hap who became close to Prairie. However, in the eighth episode, her friend French find evidence that suggests that Prairie made up all the events regarding her captivity.

The first season of The OA was released in December 2016, while the release date for the second season has not been announced. It will likely be released in the Fall season this year.

There has been no casting news but most of the cast from the first season are expected to return.

Due to the nature of the series, fans have created theories about what Season 2 will be about. The braille message that appears in the short teaser means “survive” and Netflix says “something always survives” in their social media accounts promoting the teaser.

Some fan theories suggest that Prairie is communicating with Homer in the teaser between dimensions and the panicked breathing noise is Homer.

Brit Marling also did an interview with Vulture where she revealed that there are answers to all the questions that the first season left open for interpretation.

The OA Season 2 will premiere sometime in 2018 with eight episodes.