Another Walt Disney World Price Increase Coming Later This Year, Multi-Day Tickets Moving To Seasonal Pricing

Less than one month ago, Walt Disney World and Disneyland raised ticket prices as has come to be expected each year in February, but things may not be over for 2018. Even though the annual increase happens once a year, it looks like prices won’t only change but will go up a bit again before the end of the year. Disney CEO and president Bob Iger said that guests can soon expect tiered/seasonal pricing for multi-day tickets.

This means that it will no longer be just one-day tickets that are priced differently depending on how if it is a Value, Regular, or Peak time of year.

Tiered pricing has become something that is quite the norm for theme parks as the Universal Studios theme parks do it as well. Only, this is a format that has only been in effect for one-day park tickets, but that is all about to change for the Disney Parks at least.

When ticket prices went up earlier this month, Disney quietly stated that “date-based pricing” would be coming. This was due to the number of guests who were purchasing one-day park tickets to Walt Disney World and it is believed that making multi-day tickets tiered would help with crowd levels.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Bob Iger revealed a little bit more information about tier pricing for multi-day tickets this week. As of now, it appears as if the tiered pricing will start out at Walt Disney World for its four parks and not yet move west to Disneyland.

Iger pointed out that Disney plans to increase prices for multi-day tickets during peak times of the year while keeping it lower during less crowded dates. This is expected to help even out some of the crowds and spread it out more throughout each year.

Disney’s CEO even went on to say that “you’ll see more that in the years ahead.”

For now, there is no date when the tiered pricing is going to begin for multi-day tickets at Walt Disney World, but it won’t be too long until it happens. When it does, though, that’s going to mean another increase in price for some tickets and it will make two in the course of a single year. The only timeframe known is for “later this year,” but everyone needs to be ready for when it happens so they aren’t completely shocked by the change.

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