Nikolas Cruz Had 180 Rounds Left With Nazi Swastikas Etched On Ammunition Magazines, After He Fired 150 Rounds

CNN is reporting that a law enforcement source told the network that Nikolas Cruz had 180 rounds of ammunition left over after shooting 150 rounds on ammunition on Valentine’s Day in Parkland, Florida. During the CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin show on Tuesday, February 27, with Brianna Keilar hosting, Keilar reported breaking news that stated Cruz could have caused even more tragedies in the Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting, with troubling findings that uncovered Nazi swastikas etched into the magazines left over that contained 180 rounds of ammunition.

According to the article titled “Shooter had 180 rounds left, official says” as it is currently titled on CNN’s homepage, the network received the report from an authority with law enforcement who had been briefed about the ongoing investigation into Cruz. That’s when it was learned that Nikolas could have enacted a death toll that left more than 17 people dead and many injured due to the 180 rounds of ammunition left over after putting his gun down for reasons unknown to the public at this time.

The report that Cruz had swastikas etched into the magazines of his AR-15 rifle has drawn feedback on Twitter, along with the large amount of ammunition remaining after the tragedy. CNN also reports that Nikolas tried to break windows that were designed to withstand hurricanes but could not break them — an act that authorities believe represented Cruz’s attempt to shoot at students fleeing the school during the shooting. Authorities also entertained the notion that Cruz might have considered shooting first responders who arrived on the scene to help.

Cruz, as seen in the top photo above at a court appearance in Fort Lauderdale, was one person that former neighbor Joelle Guarino tried to warn authorities about, as she says in the below CNN interview. Nikolas displayed troubling behavior at the age of 12, Joelle said, and began stealing things from her, with Joelle fearing Nikolas would kill her dog.

When Guarino saw Instagram postings from Nikolas that stated he couldn’t wait to turn 18 years of age to buy an AR-15 rifle and a later post that spoke of school shootings, Joelle contacted police. However, Joelle said that she was told that there was nothing police could do about Cruz because he didn’t represent an imminent threat, leaving her feeling helpless.

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