‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell Returns Home After Rehab Stint

Catelynn Lowell has been away from her family for the better part of four months. She entered an Arizona rehab facility in November after experiencing suicidal thoughts. When Lowell returned home, she wasn’t in a good place and opted to head back to the facility for some more intense treatment. Tyler Baltierra has been holding down the house and taking care of their daughter while his wife sought the help she needed.

Rumblings of Catelynn Lowell returning home soon have been circulating social media. She tweeted about seeing her family soon, so Teen Mom OG fans expected her release to be soon. According to In Touch Weekly, Catelynn Lowell shared an Instagram post that revealed she made it home to Michigan last night. She reunited with her husband, Tyler Baltierra, and their little girl, Novalee. It has been a struggle for the family to adjust without Lowell there for the last few months, but things are coming back together with her return home.

The couple will travel this upcoming weekend to film the Teen Mom OG reunion. Taping is happening in New York. Catelynn Lowell was given clearance to attend the events by her medical team. There had been some concern about how it would be talking about the miscarriage, especially because Dr. Drew Pinsky rarely holds back. Despite the difficulty that the couple will likely have, both have seemingly decided the benefits outweigh the risks.

Finally home and it feels so good!

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Last night, it was finally confirmed that Catelynn Lowell experienced a miscarriage. There had been no announcement on social media about the pregnancy, and the show was documenting it. Everything is filmed months in advance, and November’s events are currently playing out on Teen Mom OG now. It was ironic that Lowell returned home to be with her family on the same night the show was chronicling her journey to the treatment center in Arizona.

There will still be plenty of reminders of what Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra lost, but both are equipped with ways to handle the feelings. Mental health is something both have talked about openly for several years now. Their journey has been one that has inspired others along the way. After everything Catelynn and Tyler have experienced, they remain faithful and committed to one another through all of life’s challenges.