Halle Berry Saves Abigail Breslin in ‘The Call’

Back in 2002 Academy Award winner Halle Berry was at the top of her game. Fast forward a few years later, and what a difference nine years make. Berry, who has been struggling to capture that lightning in a bottle like she once had during her Academy Award days, is now more known for her public freak outs about her baby daddy drama than her performances.

Berry was last seen last night at the Golden Globes where she strode up to the podium, looking pretty tired and annoyed that she had to be up there in the first place, to give Ben Affleck his award for Best Director. A day later and we may have a hint as to why she looked to blase about the whole thing.

It might be because she knew the trailer for The Call was coming out. The trailer doesn’t look that promising, and puts Berry in the middle of a crises, where she’s sure to scream, as she tries to be the only woman who can handle the crises that Abigail Breslin is in.

Here’s the synopsis of The Call:

“A veteran 911 operator takes a life-altering call from a teenage girl who has just been abducted, only to realize that she must confront a killer from her own past in order to save the girl’s life.”

Earlier in the year she was seen in the unevenly received Cloud Atlas, which also had a bloated cast. Now it looks like she may be bested in a halfhearted thrilled by Abigail Breslin herself. What are your thoughts on The Call?

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