Pennsylvania Lawyer Charged With Dog Rape

On Wednesday, lawyer Ivan DeVoren turned himself in to authorities in Pennsylvania for 20 counts of dog rape. The 61-year old environmental attorney has been formally charged with 10 counts of sexual intercourse with an animal, 10 felony counts of aggravated animal cruelty, and numerous drug possession charges. The victim in the alleged dog rape case is a 6-month old yellow Labrador named Snoopy, according to CBS affiliate KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh.

Neighbor overheard “sex sounds” and other suspicious noises

Police were alerted to the alleged dog rape incidents by a concerned neighbor in late January, 2018. According to The Tribune Review, the next door neighbor, who shares a common wall with the alleged dog rapist, told Pittsburgh police that they heard suspicious noises that included grunting, creaking furniture, a dog whimpering, and “sex sounds” on January 29, 30, and 31. After the unnamed neighbor provided documentation of at least 10 alleged human-dog sexual encounters, a search warrant was issued.

On February 1, Pittsburgh police entered the suspected dog abuser’s home on Azimuth Court in Highland Park where they found crack cocaine and other drugs “in plain view.” Six-month old Labrador, Snoopy, was removed from the home and examined by a veterinarian who noted injuries to the animal’s colon. Dog bedding and other items were also seized from the suspected animal abuser’s apartment. The lawyer charged with dog rape will appear on court on March 1.

Who is Ivan DeVoren?

According to the Ivan S. DeVoren, Esq. website, the lawyer who allegedly raped his dog specializes in environmental law with a focus on industrial, commercial, and energy clients, who require legal representation in local, state, and federal matters pertaining to natural gas exploration, wastewater management, renewable resources, and other ecological concerns. DeVoren touts more than 25 years experience offering strategic planning while resolving compliance and liability issues for a range of commercial clients and financial institutions.

Sex with dogs is not illegal in every state

Having intercourse with or otherwise engaging sexually with a dog is not against the law in West Virginia, Kentucky, Wyoming, New Mexico, or Hawaii. Neither is it unlawful to have sex with a dog in Washington, D.C. Of the 45 states where bestiality is illegal, 21 consider sex with a dog to be a felony. In the other 24, which includes Pennsylvania, where the lawyer is charged with dog rape, bestiality is a misdemeanor offense, says Michigan State University Law School.

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