‘World Of Warcraft’ Transmogrification Loot Rules Will Change When ‘Battle For Azeroth’ Releases

In January, World of Warcraft updated with the 7.3.5 patch introducing zone scaling throughout the game. The update broadened the level ranges of zones letting players stay in each area longer while still earning experience. It also affected dungeons making those instanced areas available to a wider range of character levels. With that change, personal loot rules were enacted for dungeons. These rules take away the ability to roll on items and instead directly offer loot to a player if a drop for their class and specialization is rewarded.

As a result, clearing old content for transmogrification items is now more difficult. A solo player higher in level than the dungeon they are trying to finish is still bound to personal loot rules in World of Warcraft. This means that the player only receives loot if a piece for their class and specialization drops. Otherwise, no items are looted. For transmogrification runs, this drastically cuts down on players’ odds of adding anything to their collection.

Developers of World of Warcraft recognized the problem with the personal loot restrictions and transmogrification runs. When Battle for Azeroth releases, loot rules for out-leveled dungeon and raid runs will change. According to a community post on the official forums, a legacy loot mode will be introduced to alleviate the issue. These new loot rules will be in effect when a player is 10 levels higher than the dungeon or raid content they are completing.

The legacy loot mode makes the instance drop loot for the number of intended players instead of the number of players completing the instance. Even if a player is completing it solo, for example, a five-man dungeon will drop enough loot for five people. For raids with a flexible number of players, enough loot for 20 people will drop. Additionally, all items will be available as drops including those not designed for the player’s class and specialization. This is how transmogrification runs previously worked in World of Warcraft.

If players decide to complete transmogrification runs together, loot will distributed between the party. The items can then be traded freely between the party. These legacy loot rules will only apply when players are at least 10 levels above the content’s suggested level. Personal loot rules remain intact for dungeons with players of the appropriate levels.

The new loot mode for transmogrification runs will not be added to the game until the release of Battle for Azeroth. As the Inquisitr reported, one of the main features of the expansion is Allied Races. Players that pre-purchase the expansion can start playing as one of four new variant races now. Two more Allied Races will become available when the seventh World of Warcraft expansion releases.

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