‘Dragon Ball Super’ Unveils New Images Of Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku

The entire Dragon Ball Super fandom is still sad about Vegeta’s recent elimination in the Tournament of Power despite his selfless efforts to win. The prince of all Saiyans gave his remaining energy to Goku before he was knocked out of bounds, putting all hope on his fellow Saiyan to champion Universe 7 in the battle royal. Fans have been looking forward to seeing Goku enter his mastered Ultra Instinct form, but it looks like the wait is over as creator Akira Toriyama unveils his design for the completed transformation.

On Twitter, known Dragon Ball Super translator Todd Blankenship (@Herms98) shared a new advert headlining Ultra Instinct Goku with Japanese text. According to Blankenship, the word “?????” means “[Ultra] Instinct complete.” He made it clear, though, that it’s not a name for the form, but it only says that the hero has finally completed or mastered his newest transformation. While fans are used to seeing the form with the Saiyan’s traditional SSJ spiked hair that remains black, this new look gives him silver hair that matches his silver set of eyes.

Of course, Dragon Ball Super fans have different reactions to it although they are thrilled enough to see Goku in his completed Ultra Instinct form.

In a new Dragon Ball Super preview that Comic Book shared, Goku and Jiren The Grey are finally seen facing off against each other in the Tournament of Power. Apparently, Frieza is nowhere to be seen and there was no mention of him either during the latest episode. Fans are divided when it comes to the resurrected villain’s role in the battle royal. Despite bragging that he is going to beat the strongest Pride Trooper, the baddie was last seen getting a good whip from Jiren. However, some fans are hoping that Toriyama has great plans with the former emperor of evil.

As Goku’s Ultra Instinct is already in its full swing, Dragon Ball Super has yet to show off more of the hero’s powerful form as he tries to take on Jiren. The muscular humanoid fighter was still unimpressed that Android 17 blew himself up with his own attack to ensure Goku and Vegeta’s safety. However, with the prince of all Saiyan’s recent elimination, the pressure has now been put on Goku’s shoulder. Apparently, he wants to prove to his comrades that he deserves all the sacrifices they gave to save him. Even Frieza previously donated some of his energy after he collapsed during his first battle against Jiren.

There are only two minutes remaining in the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power. Who will get beaten?

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