Lottery Winner’s Death Spawns Family Quarrels

Urooj Khan had just won the lottery and collected his winnings, and the next day he was dead from cyanide poisoning. This death was suspicious from the start, and now his family is arguing over the details.

In the week since news surfaced Khan was poisoned to death with cyanide, surprising details about his family have leaked out daily.

Urooj Khan’s widow and siblings had fought quite a while over the businessman’s estate, and later his winnings. His father-in-law was in tax debt for thousands of dollars. His ex-wife came forward, announcing in anguish that she hadn’t seen her daughter, who had just moved out after his death, in over ten years and didn’t know she was even still in the US, says FOX News.

The family backstory and ever-expanding cast of characters have added mystery to an already baffling case that is beginning to resemble a TV murder mystery. The police are keeping quiet about the details as much as they can, which is only adding to the suspense.

Shabana Ansari, Khan’s wife, has endured reporters outside the family home and business. The intrigue is getting so bad that reporters are even asking what the family had for dinner the night he died, according to Yahoo News.

Khan and family

Al-Haroon Husain, Ansari’s attorney in the case that will divide up Khan’s estate, said:

“She’s just as curious as anyone else to get to the bottom of what caused her husband’s death.”

The entire family has expressed innocence and the desire to know who did it.

Authorities remain silent about their suspicions. In the coming weeks, investigators plan to determine exactly how he was poisoned and to gather more evidence for any possible trial.