Bernie Kosar Brain Trauma: Former NFL Quarterback Praises Treatment

Bernie Kosar’s brain trauma has reportedly been reversed by treatments the former Cleveland Browns quarterback received from a Florida doctor.

That’s according to Kosar himself, who held a press conference on Friday with Dr. Rick Sponaugle to praise the treatment he has received. The former NFL star said:

“When I heard some of the things [Rick] was capable of doing I was, bluntly, a little skeptical. But after just a few weeks of treatment to not have the ringing in the ears, not have the headaches and to be able to sleep through the night without medications and all the stuff.

“Not to get over-religious or to preach to you, but this was all happening during the holidays and I really thought it was like a gift from God.”

Bernie Kosar’s brain trauma comes from an eleven-year career in the NFL; from 1985 to 1996, Kosar estimates he suffered at least 12 concussions. Now, Kosar is urging the NFL to consider similar treatment for current and former NFL players with neurological ailments.

Kosar argues that the treatment, which involves nutritional supplements and intravenous fluids that increase blood flow to the brain, should be made more readily available to football players:

“There are hundreds, if not thousands of guys who are dealing with issues and pain and stuff. Literally, I think a lot of them are losing hope. I tried really hard to find it. This treatment isn’t something I think a lot of guys know about, whether it’s the younger kids playing or the ex-NFL players. I don’t think a lot of people know there is hope for them.

“I hope if there are people and players out there suffering, they now know they have an option and something that can genuinely help them get better in a short amount a time that doesn’t involve living the rest of your life in pain and agony and on medication.”

Kosar added that he has already spoken to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about the treatment. However, some pundits remain skeptical about Kosar’s claims. Football blog Yardbarker writes:

“We are completely behind alternative and complimentary medicine. […] It’s just when an office claims to cure a laundry list of ills… we want to see double blind, peer-reviewed studies – not press conferences from Bernie Kosar. Focus baby, focus.”