TLC Releases ‘Counting On’ Season 7 Trailer Ahead of Show Premiere

Fans of the popular television series Counting On, a successor to the massively successful 19 Kids and Counting, will be delighted to know that TLC has released a trailer for the show’s upcoming seventh season. While truly dedicated fans will likely already have heard of these events via social media, for casual viewers, this will be the first peak into the lives of the Duggar family since the season six finale which occurred last October.

The network clearly has big plans for this season, as some major events have transpired that will doubtlessly captivate Duggar-devoted viewers. The previous season ended with back-to-back episodes featuring Duggar weddings. Though it was certainly nice to see the ceremonies joining two wonderful couples, fans may have felt slightly disappointed by the whirlwind pace at which the children of Jim-Bob and Michelle are saying their vows. Sure, there were a few episodes which covered the weeks preceding the marriages, but, at this rate, it feels as if a Duggar kid is married off every few weeks.

Fortunately, this trailer seems to indicate that the upcoming season will focus on the honeymoon and married life of the newlywed couples, while also detailing some of the pre-marital events that didn’t quite make the cut for the show’s sixth season. Judging by the few clips available in the short teaser viewable on the network’s website, honeymooners Joy Anna and Austin Forsyth enjoyed their adventures in the idyllic Swiss Alps. Plus, as mentioned by Sophie Hirsh in her Romper article titled “The ‘Counting On’ Season Seven Trailer Has Arrived & Here’s What The Duggars Have In Store,” the pair appear to be locking lips in nearly every shot. According to Joy Anna, that is a direct result of the strict, conservative courtship rules upheld by the family.

“During our relationship, all the way up to our wedding day, we had never been alone together, so it was really amazing being on our honeymoon — just being by ourselves.”

TLC has also stated that the upcoming season will feature some of the prep work that went into the union of Joe and Kendra which ended the previous season. As series fans will certainly know, Joe popped the question to Kendra during Joy Anna and Austin Forsyth’s wedding reception, which created quite the hectic series of weddings for the family. It will be nice to see this ceremony treated with as much gravity and diligence as other Duggar marriages.

In addition, Jinger and Jeremy have recently purchased a new house in Laredo, and they’ve called on the rest of the Duggar lineage to support them during their move, as they have for other Duggar couples in the past.

The upcoming season of Counting On looks to be as entertaining as ever, and TLC fans need only wait until the end of February to catch up on all things Duggar!

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