Super Bowl LII MVP Nick Foles Talks To Ellen DeGeneres About Almost Quitting Football

In an interview on The Ellen Show, Super Bowl LII MVP Nick Foles tells Ellen about how he almost quit professional football due to problems in his life. Super Bowl LII saw the Philadelphia Eagles crowned the champions after some brave moves in the game. The New England Patriots were favourites to lift the trophy for the second time running but the Eagles remained focused enough to outplay the Patriots when it mattered.

The New England team won last year’s Super Bowl at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, on Sunday, February 5, 2017. The Patriots won the game in remarkable fashion, after trailing the Atlanta Falcons by 25 points in the third quarter. The Patriots surprisingly overturned the deficit, winning the game by 34-28 in overtime.

In the interview, Ellen tells Foles she was rooting for the Eagles, who were the underdogs and her excitement after the game. Ellen also commended the gutsy moves of the Eagles during the game. The Eagles quarterback responded by telling her about the need for those brave moves because of the pedigree of the Patriots. The Super Bowl MVP disclosed to Ellen how he talked with Coach Doug Pederson about the “Philly Special” before the game. The MVP asked Pederson for permission and the coach gave the nod, the play was carried out and it worked.

The ‘Philly Special’ trick play is a fourth-down, 1-yard touchdown pass from tight end Trey Burton to quarterback Nick Foles. Foles is credited with making the call, the touchdown and making history according to a tweet from Inside The NFL. The video footage of Foles asking Coach Pederson to run the trick play and calling out “Philly Philly,” to his team will be a part of Super Bowl history.

The quarterback talked about his childhood dream of playing in the Super Bowl and the surreal feeling of being in the game on The Ellen Show as reported by the Inquirer Daily News Philly. He also talked about having time to reflect on the game with his family and not being able to sleep for three days.

Ellen reminded the MVP about some interviews he did after the game, where he talks about his failures in life. The Super Bowl champion told Ellen about his desire to stop playing because of his loss of passion for the game two years ago. The Eagles quarterback spoke to Ellen about facing his fears after spending some time away from football. Foles talked about how his failures made him stronger, a clip of the interview is available on Ellen’s YouTube channel.

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