Galaxy X: New Patents Suggest That Samsung’s Foldable Phone Will Be A Multitasking Monster

C FlaniganGetty Images

The Samsung Galaxy X might finally make it to a limited production run later this year, and if recent rumors about the device are any indication, the South Korean tech giant is already refining the hardware and software for the device. Just recently, a number of new patents have emerged about the foldable handset, giving new insights on how Samsung would turn the Galaxy X’s trademark feature into one of its biggest highlights.

As noted in a recent report from Tom’s Guide, Samsung has recently filed for a number of patents seemingly connected to the company’s upcoming foldable smartphone. While patents are not in any way an assurance that a feature or a device would indeed be released to the market, the designs showcased in the recent filings do suggest that the South Korean tech giant is trying to break new ground with the Galaxy X.

Considering that the Galaxy X would pretty much be a device with two simultaneously working displays, the recent patents about the handset suggest that Samsung is attempting to highlight novel multitasking features on the smartphone. For example, during a video call, one half of the device’s display would be dominated by a video stream while the other half could be utilized for file sharing. This would enable users to send files and share images to contacts without disrupting a video call.

Another particularly novel feature outlined in the new patent filings is a camera application with advanced controls. As could be seen in a recent SAM Mobile report, the Galaxy X’s camera app could capitalize on the device’s two displays, with one display exclusively showing the viewfinder and the other featuring adjustment options. This, of course, enables the foldable smartphone’s users to make adjustments on the device’s camera without compromising the subject on the viewfinder.


The Galaxy X is arguably Samsung’s most ambitious smartphone design to date, with the device being years in the making. Over the past years, the South Korean tech giant has been incredibly tight-lipped about the foldable smartphone, though recently, reports emerged stating that Samsung had shown working prototypes of the handset to investors in a closed-door meeting.

While the release date of the Galaxy X has not been leaked as of yet, rumors are high that Samsung would manufacture a limited quantity of the device sometime later this year.