Fredrik Eklund Reveals Fatherhood Is Great But Twins Are A Lot Of Work

Fredrik Eklund has dreamed about becoming a dad for years and he has shared his journey on Million Dollar Listing New York. Eklund really wanted a daughter named Mila and he was devastated when he continued to hear the news that his surrogates had miscarried. On the previous season of Million Dollar Listing New York, Eklund revealed that he was taking a step back in the pregnancy journey, so his husband took the reigns. As it turns out, they got pregnant with twins and the surrogate delivered the twins near Thanksgiving weekend.

Now that Fredrik has been a father for a couple of months, he’s now showing off his twins. Of course, Eklund has shared a few pictures on social media with his fans, but it is too hard to see who looks like whom. Fredrik and Derek are biological fathers of the babies, and they used eggs from an unknown source. According to a new PEOPLE magazine report, Fredrik Eklund is now revealing that he absolutely loves being a father. He has taken some time off from real estate to enjoy fatherhood, but he’s now revealing that twins are actually a lot of work. In the interview, he reveals that he thinks his twins are having secret meetings.

“They’re sleeping well, but sometimes I think those two have a little side meeting,” Fredrik Eklund has revealed in the interview with PEOPLE magazine, adding, “They’ll decide, ‘Okay, today you’re going to be bad and then when you fall asleep, I’m going to be bad.’ They’re in cahoots! Twins are double the work, but definitely double the joy!”

It sounds like his twins cry at different times, which means he is up at night. He points out that it is a lot of work. When Fredrik and his husband were thinking about children, Derek was concerned that he would become a stay-at-home father. He was concerned that Eklund would focus on work too much and not spend any time at home. While he did return to work after the twins were born, he is enjoying some time with his twins now. It seems like he has taken some time off in January and February. His team is surely continuing with the selling and listing.

Fredrik Eklund has wrapped up the first season of Bethenny And Fredrik, but he will be back for another season of Million Dollar Listing New York. That show is expected to return later this spring on Bravo.

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