February 7, 2018
'Breaking Amish' Star Kate Stoltz Premieres New Clothes Line During New York Fashion Week

It's been a rather interesting year for Breaking Amish star Kate Stoltz. The former reality star -- who was a fixture on the hit TLC show -- made the news back in May of last year when she announced that she wouldn't be returning to the show.

"I've decided to fully immerse myself into my work in design, and finishing my college degree at FIT. Getting a good education is very important to me. I am devoting my time to research, classes, learning new techniques and then applying those techniques to garments that sometimes take months to create," she said to her devoted fanbase at the time.

According to Starcasm, many fans of the show wondered if the former Breaking Amish star would, in fact, return to the television show that made her famous.

Now, however, Kate has seemed to send the definitive answer of "no" when it comes to her return to television, especially now that she's debuted her own fashion line during New York's famed Fashion Week.

Her store, which is located in New York City, not only features her unique designs but also features some upcoming concepts for her pet clothing line, as well. (The model for her "doggie fashion" line is none other than her own dog, Victoria.)

Breaking Amish doggie fashion
Victoria models a piece of clothing designed by former 'Breaking Amish' star Kate Stoltz.

To prepare for the debut of her own clothing line, Kate Stoltz went to FIT -- the famed college for up-and-coming designers -- and interned at a few clothing houses before striking out on her own.

Stoltz also told HuffPost that these opportunities in New York City gave her fashion career the jump-start that it needed.

"Getting the opportunity to work with reputable designers in Manhattan and working with all the amazing prints and fabrics is so inspiring. The designers have opened me up to a whole new world and everything they do is honestly a piece of art. It's working with such great people that has made me decide to design for the rest of my career," she said at the time.

Breaking Amish star Kate Stoltz
Kate Stoltz says that while "Breaking Amish" exposed her to celebrity, it was her time in New York City that gave her fashion career a boost.

Fans of Breaking Amish who would like to see Kate Stoltz's beautiful line of clothing can do so during New York Fashion Week at her pop-up shop in the Tribeca district.