Kim Kardashian Reportedly Banning Attractive Nannies Who May Tempt Kanye West

MediaPunch /AP Images

Kim Kardashian is allegedly putting her foot down when it comes to hiring a new nanny. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, who recently welcomed her third child via surrogate with husband Kanye West, is said to be banning all women are who are too attractive from working in her home.

According to a Feb. 5 report by Radar Online, Kim Kardashian is a bit paranoid about her choice of nanny, but not because the women will be working so closely with her three children. Sources reveal that Kardashian purposely hires women whom she doesn’t believe are not attractive that way there is no temptation for her husband, Kanye West, to cheat.

More than one celebrity relationship has been ruined due to men cheating with young, attractive nannies who take care of their children, and Kim Kardashian allegedly doesn’t want to be one of those women who make the same mistake. An insider claims that Kim would “never put temptation in Kanye’s path,” especially since the couple have been working hard to keep the spark alive in their love life.

“She is not going to make the same mistake as other Hollywood stars and won’t let her marriage go the way of so many celebrity couples.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage was reportedly on the rocks for some time following Kanye’s scary meltdown in November 2016, and then a year later when Kardashian allegedly believed West may have been “spiraling out of control” again. A source even revealed that Kim was worried about Kanye’s “manic” behavior, such as staying in the studio all night long, and the reality star even reportedly believed he wasn’t taking his medication. Kim allegedly considered divorce during the tough time. However, it seems that things are getting better for the Hollywood couple following the birth of their third child, daughter Chicago West.

Currently, Kim Kardashian is rumored to be trying to “spice up” her marriage with Kanye West, and she believes that having an attractive nanny in the house all the time could prove to be a “distraction” for Kanye. “She’s pretty paranoid,” the source claims, adding that Kim believes even a strong relationship can end due to a “hot nanny,” and that she’s not about to take that “risk” in her own marriage.