Aliens Prevented World War 3 Between US, Russia, UFO Campaigners Claim

Paradigm Research Group founder Steve Bassett claims to know the reason why aliens are here on earth. According to the UFO campaigner based in the United States, Aliens prevented World War 3, and government organizations are in contact with aliens, and it is one of their top secret projects.

Bassett claims the public is in the dark about the negotiations between aliens and the government. During Bassett’s interview with the Russian television program Most Shocking Hypotheses, he claimed that it’s more likely to Russia’s president Vladimir Putin to open up about these extraterrestrial talks compared to U.S. president Donald Trump.

As for why aliens are on Earth, Bassett has more than one theory. According to him, visitors from space has been involved in human affairs since the sixties, and their main mission is to tamper with nuclear weapons.

He believes aliens have been preventing another world war from breaking out. He cited several examples where UFOs hovered over a nuclear site and turned off all the missiles.

There have been reports of SAT-based visitors who couldn’t turn on the missiles until the mysterious hovercrafts left the site.

The said incident, according to him, happened in the United States and that there were several witnesses to this incident.

This is not the only proof Bassett alluded to, according to him, something even more bizarre happened in Russia.

“It was not a case of turning the missiles off, what happened, is, I understand the Russian nuclear facility, usually a series of missiles within a site, all of a sudden the launch sequence began within that facility, and it shouldn’t have happened.”

“The people that worked there didn’t initiate that.”

Basset revealed that he called Moscow, but they denied his request. He continued that he has more than one source who claimed that there were multiple sightings in the vicinity.

His theory is that aliens who were capable of interstellar travel will not allow humankind to bring nuclear weapons in space.

As reported by Express, Bassett is not the only person who thinks aliens tampered with nuclear weapons. UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites author Robert Hastings shared the same belief.

In 2017, a site where alien sitings were reported was thought to be the storage area of nuclear weapons. Hence, Suffolk’s Rendlesham incident in December 1980 might have something to do with the nuclear weapons which were allegedly stashed at RAF Bentwaters.

Given these connections, UFO campaigners claim aliens prevented World War 3 which could have sparked following the tension between Russia and the United States.

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