‘Southern Charm’ Betrayal Is All In The Head Of Thomas Ravenel, According To Patricia Altschul

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There’s a lot of confusion about an alleged battle going on between Southern Charm stars Thomas Ravenel, Patricia Altschul, and son Whitney Sudler-Smith, who is also the Southern Charm executive producer. Ravenel has been vocal on Instagram insisting that his new plus one is, in his mind, being stalked by another woman who happens to be a friend of Altschul and Sudler-Smith. Ravenel has shared three articles to this effect and now insists that Altschul is “going after” him and his new girlfriend on behalf of a woman he allegedly rebuffed and helping to smear her name successfully to the Southern Charm cast.

But social media, particularly Twitter, isn’t buying what Ravenel is selling.

“I have a hard time believing Mrs. A would ‘go after’ anyone. We’ve seen her shun someone who physically & verbally attacked her only child, so I can believe if Mrs. A has a reason not to like someone she may make it known. ‘Going after’ someone is not her style.”

After a follower of Altschul posted this, Patricia herself responded.

“Thank you… you are absolutely correct.”

Love her or hate her, the idea of Patricia Altschul conspiring to get this involved in Thomas Ravenel’s love life seems way out of character. Other than this brief share on her Twitter page, Altschul has taken the high road while Thomas Ravenel now insists that Altschul has switched sides and is now supporting his ex, Kathryn Dennis, who is not involved at all in this current melee.

Over the last four days, three articles have run on All About The Tea to lay out the case that Thomas Ravenel and his girlfriend Ashley have been fighting a smear campaign allegedly launched by a woman he dated briefly last year. The woman (whose name won’t be used in this article based on unproven accusations) is said to run Patricia Altschul’s social media and was introduced to Patricia by her son, Southern Charm executive producer Whitney Sudler-Smith.

In the first article, Ravenel says he dated the woman who lives in Los Angeles “spottily over two months.” According to a source, when Thomas decided he then wanted to date Ashley exclusively, he stopped seeing Altschul’s friend, and the woman reportedly started stalking them, creating fake accounts to smear Ravenel and Ashley online.

“She [the woman] has created and circulated fake text messages, painting Ashley as a loose woman, who routinely flirts with men. Fake texts bashing Thomas —complete with Ashley’s profile pic — were sent to Thomas and Patricia.”

Some of these alleged messages said that Ravenel should look out because Ashley was an escort who preys on wealthy old men.

The most recent article in which Thomas Ravenel and Ashley call out this friend of Patricia’s and Patricia herself was titled “#SouthernCharm Twitter Erupts Amid Thomas Ravenel and Patricia Altschul’s Major Friendship Fallout!” The article includes a number of posts from Ravenel fans on Twitter calling out Patricia Altschul and Whitney Sudler-Smith who Ravenel now says were never his friends, even though there seems to be no proof that neither Altschul nor Sudler-Smith has done anything to Ravenel or his girlfriend. In fact, as the Southern Charm executive producer, Whitney could have stopped Ashley from being Ravenel’s plus one this season on-camera and he didn’t.

When a fan on Instagram asked Thomas Ravenel if his friendship with Whitney Sudler-Smith and Patricia Altschul was for real or just for the show, Ravenel answered that they were never really friends.

“But the flip side is that it also reveals who people really are. I didn’t lose Whitney and Pat as friends. They were never really friends to begin with and this show [Southern Charm] brought that to light.”