Braven Speaker Doubles As Emergency Phone Charger

Braven BRV-1 speaker is meant to be taken down the hiking trail, up the side of a mountain, and away from electrical outlets. So it makes sense that Braven’s speakers have the ability to charge your phone or tablet.

Braven introduced three new speakers at CES 2013 this year: The Braven 850, the Braven 570, and the BRV-1.

CEO Warren Osborn said:

“Last year, Braven thundered into the market with impossibly huge sound from speakers small enough to carry in your pocket … Once again BRAVEN is changing the game, pushing the Bluetooth speaker to new levels with products that play to the outdoor and sports enthusiast and bring in new fans.”

The 850 is the biggest of the bunch at about a foot long and provides a pretty full-bodied sound. In addition to the charging features, the 850 can also connect to another Braven speaker via Bluetooth to provide some on-the-go surround sound. The 850 will be sold for $299.

The BRV-1 is aimed at outdoor enthusiasts that need a rugged speaker. It’s water resistant, can provide an emergency charge for your phone, and provides more than 12 hours of music. The BRV-1 will be released in February and will be priced at $169.

Rounding out Braven’s new speakers is the Braven 570. The impact-resistant and budget friendly speaker can provide 10 hours of music and can also charge your mobile devices. The Braven 57 will be priced at $119.