Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Reportedly Prefer A No Strings Attached Relationship

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx may have not officially confirmed that they are dating, but their recent PDA sightings are enough to prove that they have a romantic relationship. The two made a rare public appearance together at Clive Davis’ annual Pre-Grammy Awards Gala held in New York. They sat beside each other and looked really happy.

The 39-year-old actress and the 50-year-old actor have reportedly been seeing each other since 2013, but they tried to keep a low-key relationship. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx probably didn’t want to start a controversy because she just got divorced from Tom Cruise during that time and the comedian is her ex-husband’s close pal.

Despite secretly dating for almost five years, Katie and Jamie have no plans to take their relationship to the next level. An insider told PEOPLE that the pair is not thinking about what the future holds. They are allegedly contented being together and having a good time. This made people wonder if their kids are included in their plans.

Holmes has a daughter named Suri from Tom Cruise while Foxx has two children named Corinne and Annalise from his previous partners. Fans would want to see them together as one big family, but that isn’t happening. According to a source, Katie and Jamie still live their own life and are not trying to bring their children together.

Since they have been dating for a couple of years, the Dawson’s Creek alumni and Annie actor have already met each other’s kids. However, a source revealed that Foxx has not been spending much time with his girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter. Holmes, on the other hand, is close to his children. She reportedly hangs out with them even if her boyfriend’s not around. They even go out for dinner and she gets along really well with his girls especially with his youngest daughter.

Katie and Jamie seem to prefer a no strings attached relationship. They don’t see the need to spend the holidays together like Christmas and New Year’s. An insider told PEOPLE that the two are good friends and have been for a long time. They just happen to be both single and attractive that’s why they get romantically linked to each other.

While Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx may have confirmed that they are dating when they started going out in public together, a source confirmed to PEOPLE that they don’t have plans get into a serious relationship and make commitments.

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