‘Dragon Ball Super’ Reveals A Shocking Surprise In The Tournament Of Power

Dragon Ball Super might be ending in March 2018, but that doesn’t stop the entire fandom from going mental about the Universal Survival Arc’s Tournament of Power. Universes 7 and 11 are the only teams remaining in the ultimate battle royal with its powerful warriors vying for survival. Gohan has been eliminated after a fierce battle against Dyspo from U11. There are only a few fighters left in the tournament including Android 17, Goku, and Vegeta. However, the latest spoilers suggest that the World of Void arena is going to be “free-for-all.”

Known Dragon Ball Super translator Todd Blankenship (@Herms98) shared his own translation on Twitter for English-speaking fans for Episode 126 that suggests the battle arena is going to collapse. This leads the Tournament of Power to become a massive free-for-all, and fans have different interpretations of it. According to Blankenship, the Japanese word ?? literally means a melee or a chaotic fight. Some fans though are confused how the warriors will get eliminated if the battle arena gets destroyed.

While there is no telling how it happens in the tournament, other fans suggest that Frieza might have something big up his sleeves given that he is not eliminated just yet despite getting a good whip from Toppo. The previous episode of the hit anime series showcased Toppo releasing his Power of Destruction that almost knocked the resurrected villain out of bounds if not because of Android 17’s stint.

“No. 17 and Freeza desperately battle against Toppo, who has unleashed the power of destruction. Goku and Vegeta draw near while keeping up their rush attack against Jiren, the arena collapses, and things become one big free-for-all!”

According to Comic Book, if it’s Frieza trying to create a “debris distraction” in an attempt to make the other warriors put him out of their minds that he is still in the tournament, then it’s possible that the baddie might get his hands on the Super Dragon Balls. It can be recalled that he promised to destroy even the Gods of Destruction, pit them against each other, and overthrow the Zenos. He is known for having a vendetta against Universe 7, particularly in the Saiyan race, and it’s not impossible that he would that in the end.

Frieza’s genocidal nature has caused some fans of Dragon Ball Super feel anxious about the anime’s ending. Despite Goku’s efforts to win so Universe 7 won’t get obliterated, fans know that creator Akira Toriyama always brings huge surprises.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 titled “Surpass The Gods! Vegeta’s Life-Threatening Move!” is slated to air on February 4.

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