WWE News: The Real Reason AJ Styles Referenced Hulk Hogan On ‘Raw 25’

On the 25th anniversary edition of Monday Night Raw, the WWE brought back a massive amount of superstars from the past. Names that appeared included DX, Razor Ramon, the Dudley Boyz, The Million Dollar Man, Mean Gene Okerlund, and more. When it comes to that last name, Okerlund was brought out when AJ Styles was preparing to do a backstage interview and said he wanted to bring out someone special. When Okerlund came out and asked Styles a question, the WWE champion imitated Hulk Hogan by yelling, “Well, let me tell you Mean Gene.”

When it comes to the past WWE superstars that did not appear, Hulk Hogan never showed up because the WWE has kept silent about his history in the company, making the AJ Styles promo surprising. Luckily, Sports Illustrated reports that there is no heat between the WWE and AJ Styles after the promo.

The AJ Styles Impersonation Of Hulk Hogan

According to Sports Illustrated, AJ Styles is close to Hulk Hogan based on the time they spent together in Impact Wrestling. As a result of his fondness for the Hulkster, Styles asked permission from the WWE beforehand about doing the “Well, let me tell you Mean Gene” impersonation and received the OK from the WWE to do so.

The WWE was obviously fine with the promo since they promoted it on their Twitter and Facebook accounts after AJ Styles pulled it off. While some fans thought AJ Styles went off script in order to pay homage to Hulk Hogan, it was something they approved of and there are no problems between Styles and the WWE at all.

Hulk Hogan and the WWE

The reason that a lot of people were concerned about AJ Styles after this promo is because the WWE has ordered most talent to remain silent about Hulk Hogan since they fired him. Hogan made racially insensitive comments in the infamous leaked tape that caused him so many problems.

The tape wasn’t bad enough to cause the WWE to fire Hulk Hogan, but the comments were and he has been persona-non-grata since that time. As far as AJ Styles is concerned, he has a bit of leeway with the WWE right now and for an event like Monday Night Raw 25, they made an exception thanks to the fact Mean Gene was there.

Sadly, Mean Gene Okerlund was not a fan. According to Cageside Seats, Mean Gene gave the same exasperated expression he used to give heels like Rowdy Roddy Piper when they said something ridiculous. However, as far as tributes go, AJ Styles fulfilled his dream and the WWE had no problems with it.

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