Kelly Ripa Shares Silly Photo Of ‘Pregnant’ Ryan Seacrest And Instagram Is Going Nuts

Are Kelly and Ryan the new Kathy Lee and Hoda?

As fans of Ripa know, the mother of three loves to post funny pictures for all of her 1 million plus Instagram followers to see. Just a few weeks ago, the Inquisitr reported that the 46-year-old had a good time joking around with her Instagram followers by posting a few pictures of herself in comparison to old paintings, courtesy of the Google Arts & Culture app. It’s easy for most to see that Kelly doesn’t always take herself seriously, which is one of the reasons why she is so popular.

Today, Kelly was back to her crazy antics with the help of her Live With Kelly and Ryan co-host, Ryan Seacrest. In a post on her Instagram, Ripa can be seen standing behind Seacrest as she holds on to his stomach. Seacrest is wearing a long sleeve grey turtleneck and a blazer top but there is something different about him — he has what appears to be a pregnant belly.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Seacrest rocked the crazy baby bump on today’s show in solidarity with a co-worker on Live‘s staff, who also happens to be pregnant. During the episode, Ryan joked that his sense of smell was heightened, complaining that something really smelled like onions. The 43-year-old also joked that he may need to get up and “pee” at any moment, obviously going along with the act.


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The hour-long episode featured a segment on pregnant women, where viewers got to watch Seacrest try and change a baby diaper. Chrissy Teigen, who also happens to be pregnant and was a guest on the show, joked that Ryan needs to be careful after giving birth because many women “tear” while they’re in labor.

On the initial post, Kelly simply captioned the picture “#babydaddy” and her fans clearly loved the photo as it gained over 8,200 likes and over 260 comments in just four hours.

“You two are a riot. Blessings.”

“Fun show this morning! Love you guys,” another fan side.

Swapping pregnancy stories with @chrissyteigen

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Ryan posted the same exact photo on his own Instagram account as well as a photo of himself, Kelly, and guest Chrissy Teigen. That particular photo was posted mid-morning and has already been very popular with over 23,000 likes and 160 comments.

If you like seeing Ryan and Kelly’s crazy antics, you can tune into Live With Kelly and Ryan weekday mornings on ABC.

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