Matt Lauer Allegedly Writing A Tell-All, Taking Other Powerful Men Down With Him

Matt Lauer spent 25 years asking the questions on television, now the disgraced former Today host is in the hot seat and is allegedly ready to “share his side of the story” in a tell-all book.

Not only is he allegedly ready to reveal his “own crimes” and “get into the specifics of his misconduct,” but he is also reportedly going to reveal that he is not the only one that did the “same thing” as he did, as one NBC insider told Page Six. While Matt Lauer feels “shame” for his actions that led to his shocking Today dismissal, he is also angry as he “certainly wasn’t the only person in TV doing this.”

According to In Touch Weekly, Lauer plans on dishing a bit on his former colleagues like Katie Couric, Hoda Kotb, and Savannah Guthrie, and even Natalie Morales, who, if rumors are true, had a “secret relationship” with Lauer before she was transferred west.

The insider claims that there will be a whole “chapter” on Megyn Kelly, who was a “nightmare for Matt.” However, the source states that Matt Lauer, who many blame for Ann Curry’s departure, will “apologize” to his former co-anchor.

The insider revealed that besides his NBC colleagues, Lauer’s reportedly naming names and taking some other powerful men down with him.

The source claims that the former Today anchor is allegedly ready to reveal all sorts of “juicy secrets” and realizes that the more details, “the bigger the payday.” Allegedly, Lauer knows that “everyone was sleeping with each other.” He allegedly knew all of their “dirty secrets.”

Lauer wants to be “honest” and reveal his “character defects,” and share what exactly happened, with the “specifics of his misconduct over the years at NBC.”

Yet, the insider claims that Lauer has no intention of “justifying his misconduct.” Instead, he intends on exposing the “boys’ club atmosphere” at NBC, an atmosphere where he was on top of the world, where he believed was always “protected,” and now feels like he has been betrayed.

When he issued a statement, he apologized for his actions, he expressed his “sorrow and regret for the pain I have caused others by words and actions.”

Yet, without going into specific details, the NBC insider indicated that at the core of what was said was the truth, but there are still specific details that are not accurate.

“Some of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized, but there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed.”

According to an NBC insider who recently spoke to Page Six, one former NBC employee “alleged” that Lauer had sex with her in his locked office when she was passed out and “woke up on the floor.” She was worried about losing her own job for being involved in these circumstances, so she never revealed the “encounter” to HR or her superiors.

Yet, according to the former NBC employee, Lauer didn’t tell his side of the story because he allegedly did not wish to rehash the entire episode.

“Matt didn’t deny that because he didn’t want to walk through all the allegations. He just felt there was no point in saying anything, apart from what he said in his statement.”

The In Touch source claims, “The plan is that this book becomes the catalyst for Matt’s career recovery.”

They allege that with this self-reflective book, Lauer will ask for the public to forgive him.

“He will take a long, hard look at himself and ask for the world’s forgiveness. Only time will tell whether or not we could ever forgive him!”

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