‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail’s Search For Andre’s Killer Will Lead Her Down A Dark Path

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal that Abigail Deveraux-DiMera (Marci Miller) will be determined to find Andre DiMera’s killer and bring them to justice. Abigail, who seems to be the person most shocked and saddened by Andre’s murder, will stop at nothing to get answers, but she could be traveling down a dangerous road if she’s not careful.

According to Days of our Lives spoilers by Soap Central, Abigail wants Andre’s killer brought to justice. As many viewers know, Abby and Andre had a very special relationship. They shared a deep bond, and Abigail often credited Andre for helping to save her life while she was going through the darkest parts of her mental illness. Later, when Chad and Abigail married she built a strong brother-like relationship with him. Sadly, it was Abigail who found Andre’s lifeless body on the floor of his office at DiMera Enterprises.

Now, Abigail wants to help the murder investigation in any way that she can. She’s even been questioning a few suspects about the night of Andre’s murder. Days of our Lives viewers recently watched as Abby interrogated Gabi Hernandez (Camilla Banus) about what she was doing during the time of Andre’s death. Abby pointed out that Gabi had a motive to kill Andre, who had fired her and stole her company just hours before his death. Out of anger, Gabi also revealed that she could kill Andre for his actions. In addition, Gabi has served prison time for the murder of Nick Fallon, and she seems like the most obvious suspect at the moment. However, others Salem citizens such as Vivian Alamain, Stefan O. DiMera, Anna DiMera, Hattie Adams, and Kate Roberts are also suspects in the murder, as the Salem police continue to piece together the puzzle.

However, Abigail will continue to dig into Andre’s murder and she may come across some shocking secrets and dangerous information while doing so. It seems that if Abby doesn’t quit pushing for answers that her own life could be in jeopardy from the killer who is still at large in Salem.

Days of our Lives airs weekday afternoons on NBC.

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