Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Marriage Falls Apart After Brad Pitt Reunion: She ‘Can’t Let Go’ [Rumors]

In 2005, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt split amid rumors that he was having an affair with Angelina Jolie. And even though so many years have passed and Jennifer is now married to Justin Theroux, Aniston reportedly has not forgotten the heartbreak that she suffered when her marriage to Pitt ended, according to Life & Style on January 31.

Jennifer has so many mixed emotions about both Brad and Angelina that when she and Jolie recently crossed paths at the Golden Globes earlier this month, Aniston devoted most of the gala event to hiding, an insider told Life & Style. Jennifer reportedly longed for a partner to help her in her “frazzled” state because she was feeling “so awkward.”

Even though Aniston and Pitt recently reunited, the two have kept their rekindled relationship away from the public and even the paparazzi. Consequently, despite enjoying their renewed friendship, it wasn’t Brad for whom Jennifer yearned at the Golden Globes, according to the source.

Jennifer Aniston’s Marriage “Hanging By A Thread”

Although Aniston’s husband, Justin Theroux, could have offered comfort to Jennifer, he made the decision to avoid the entire event. Aniston reportedly attempted to stay close to her friend and former co-star, Jason Bateman. However, when Jennifer found herself left solo at a glamorous after-party at the Sunset Tower, she gave up and went home, a friend of Aniston’s told the magazine. It was reportedly especially upsetting for Jennifer because Justin was aware that Angelina Jolie would be present.

“Jen was absolutely lost without Justin, and just when she needed him the most. He knew [Angelina Jolie] would be there, and he picked the worst time to not support his wife.”

To the outside world, Jennifer and Justin reportedly have sought to portray themselves as one of Hollywood’s happiest couples. However, in reality, the source revealed that their marriage is “hanging by a thread.” Theroux and Aniston reportedly can’t agree on where to live or whether to have kids, and their careers have separated them even more.

Brad Pitt Divorce & Angelina Jolie Affair Still Haunt Jennifer Aniston

Although Jennifer and Justin have been married for more than two years, Aniston can’t seem to let go of Brad Pitt, according to the insider. She reportedly remains “haunted” by her divorce from Brad as well as his rumored affair with Angelina Jolie. However, Jennifer also “just can’t let go of Justin,” added the source.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reportedly have reunited.

But even Aniston’s reasons for hanging onto her marriage to Theroux reportedly are related to Pitt, said the insider.

“Her divorce from Brad was the ultimate heartbreak for her, and she couldn’t take all that pain again.”

In addition to suffering heartbreak, Jennifer reportedly is worried about experiencing “the worst kind of public humiliation” if she gets divorced again.

Justin and the former Friends star are extremely different, according to the insider. Aniston is the “ultimate California girl,” while Theroux loves New York.

Because of their successful careers, Jennifer and Justin reportedly have spent months apart, adding to the problems in what their friend called a “long-distance” marriage. Theroux was busy filming The Spy Who Dumped Me in Budapest, Hungary, as well as projects in Montreal and New York City. In contrast, Aniston has been focused on a film project in Atlanta and her Apple TV series in Los Angeles.

Brad Pitt Consoles Jennifer Aniston

Late last year, Jennifer reportedly decided to try to save her marriage to Justin with a visit to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. However, because Aniston invited two friends to join them, she and Theroux had no time to “smooth over” the bumps in their relationship, according to the insider.

“Jen and Justin [have no] one-on-one time to work through their dysfunction. [They have] separate lives and marital discord.”

Aniston and Theroux reportedly are so separated at this point that the friend isn’t even certain that they make time for regular phone chats. Jennifer reportedly attempts to be hopeful each time that Justin visits her in Los Angeles. But her friends fear that she is “fooling herself,” added the source.

“Unless there is a miraculous turnaround on both of their parts and they can actually live together in the same home in the same city, Jen and Justin could be history,” warned the insider.

Some think that Aniston is making more of an effort to hold onto her renewed relationship with Brad Pitt than her troubled marriage. Another source told Life & Style that Jennifer and Brad’s relationship is the best it’s ever been since they divorced.

Aniston reportedly consoled Pitt after his split from Angelina Jolie. Now, Jennifer is receiving similar help from Brad. The source said that Pitt and Aniston have “bonded like never before” over his breakup with Jolie and her problems with Theroux. As a result, Jennifer and Justin’s friends are increasingly concerned that their marriage will not survive, said the insider, who called their marriage “crumbling.”

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