Kim Kardashian Bikini Photo Shoot On The Beach Reveals More Than Meets The Eye In ‘Bo Derek-Inspired’ Posts

Photos of Kim Kardashian in the bikini she wore for her Bo Derek-inspired session on the beach have been released. Fans of the reality TV star may know she’s been posting a series of risque images on Twitter and Instagram over the last few days, but they haven’t gotten the full picture.

Kardashian has been celebrating her third child’s birth by exposing her scantily-clad body for all her fans to see. Several reports claimed the photos of her wearing braided hair emblematic of Bo Derek’s character in 10 while posing in hardly any clothes was “breaking the internet.” Kim was even in the news for feuding with Lindsay Lohan, being the subject of scathing criticism from Piers Morgan, and Wendy Williams blasting Kim over her seeming desperation for attention because Kanye West doesn’t give her any. Kardashian had broken the internet in more ways than one since sharing the tantalizing photos online.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashian star launching a Bo Derek campaign lately with her platinum blonde hair in cornrows and posing on the beach has some worked up over “cultural appropriation.” The more people protested, the more Kim photos uploaded of her in the hairstyle and skimpy clothing. She had a lot of images snapped, but the actual process of what went into it was shared by Daily Mail.

Exclusive photos from the U.K. website show Kim Kardashian in her bikini with her team of stylists for the beach shoot on Malibu. Her beach wear consisted of a white Yeezy bralette and matching high-cut briefs that had very little on the back concealing her famous rear-end. Bo Derek wore a gold string bikini in the 1979 comedy, however.

As the website notes, she used the ensemble as a bikini for this particular shoot even though she’s paired the sporty bra with skirts, shorts, and denim pants.

Among some of the photos showing Kim Kardashian being prepped for the photo shoot are assistants spraying her behind with body makeup, helping her with the briefs, and snapping a few shots of her topless. More of those photos can be seen on the website’s page.

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