Scott Baio: Inside His Habit Of Dating His Co-Stars

Scott Baio’s dating resume reads like a who’s who list of young Hollywood in the 1970s and ’80s. Baio is currently making headlines for an alleged inappropriate relationship with his Charles in Charge co-star, Nicole Eggert. Nicole has gone on record as saying Scott sexually molested her when she was a minor, while Baio claims he had a consensual sexual relationship when Eggert after she turned 18.

“He started expressing his love for me and talking about marriage in the future,” Eggert claimed to Megyn Kelly Today.

Scott Baio is vehemently denying Nicole Eggert’s allegations that he molested her when she was a child star working on Charles in Charge. What is clear is that Scott Baio has had a long history of dating his TV co-stars.

Early in his career, Scott Baio admitted that he lost his virginity to his Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi co-star Erin Moran. Scott Baio briefly dated his onscreen girlfriend in the late 1970s, and Moran later talked about told how difficult it was to date Scott, who was a major teen heartthrob at the time.

“There is a lot between us, more than we could ever reveal on TV,” Moran told People in 1982.

“We got real close as boyfriend-girlfriend, but it wasn’t right at the time and we both knew it. It was hard on both of us to separate. He had to go through his thing with girls. Girls were just crazy for him, and I couldn’t take him away from that.”

In addition to Moran, Scott Baio had a brief (and seemingly innocent) relationship with Brooke Shields. The two teen idols worked together in the early 1980s when Scott hosted Circus of the Stars and Brooke performed an acrobat routine. Brooke’s relationship with Scott was brief, and she wrote about it in her memoir, There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me. Brooke revealed that her mother trusted that she would keep my vow of chastity—and she did until she met actor Dean Cain years after she dated Scott.

Baio also dated fellow teen star Melissa Gilbert. The two stars competed on Battle of the Network Stars in the late 1970s and early ’80s. The Little House on the Prairie star even posted a tweet in which she revealed that Scott Baio was her date for her homecoming dance in her junior year of high school. Gilbert wrote about her own wild ways in her 2010 memoir Prairie Tale: A Memoir, in which she confessed that she actually cheated on her longtime boyfriend Rob Lowe with Scott Baio.

Then there was Heather Locklear. Scott Baio teamed up with the blonde beauty to compete in Battle of the Network Stars when they both played for the ABC Team in 1983. Scott and Heather dated in the early 1980s, and he later revealed that she was his first true love.

“I regret losing certain women, but it was always my fault,” Scott told People.

“Heather Locklear was the first girl I was ever in love with. She is the greatest chick in the world and I just ruined it.”

Baio also dated actress Erika Eleniak. The future Baywatch babe had a recurring role on Charles in Charge in 1989, playing Scott’s character’s girlfriend, Stephanie Curtis.

And in 1990, another one of Scott Baio’s girlfriends, Pamela Anderson, guest starred on Charles in Charge. It was Anderson’s first acting credit on a TV series. Baio has taken credit for Anderson’s acting career, once telling radio shock jock Howard Stern that he sent a photo of his then-girlfriend to a casting agent. Scott Baio revealed that he actually proposed to Pamela at one point, but the two never made it down the aisle.

Scott Baio sewed his wild oats a while ago—the actor has been married to wife Renee for a decade—but, with Nicole Eggert’s new claims against him, the actor’s prolific dating past could come back to haunt him now.

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