‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Justin Hartley Returns For Melissa Claire Egan’s Y&R Exit – No Adam Recast

The Young and the Restless spoilers hint that Chelsea Newman portrayer Melissa Claire Egan is on her way out of the CBS soap. The groundwork for this stunning exit has been laid for more than a week with lots of mentions of Adam Newman (formerly Justin Hartley), but some tabloid sites rushed to churn stories that it meant Michael Muhney was coming back to Y&R. The latest YR spoilers and rumors tease that Egan’s exit means Adam might be alive and may return to Genoa City, but only to grab Chelsea and skip town!

Michael Muhney Not Coming Back To YR

Y&R spoilers reveal that Mal Young has been adamant he won’t bring back Adam, even as some sites write multiple articles each week alleging his imminent return. When a fan asked about rumors of Adam’s revival, showrunner Young tweeted back, “No truth at all!” then added that the character is only mentioned when he tells people, “I said don’t ask me about Adam!”

Even if CBS were to recast Adam Newman, it wouldn’t be Michael Muhney, given current showbiz concerns about sexual harassment. Bold and the Beautiful‘s Alley Mills shared that a fake sexual harassment suit killed CBS show The Wonder Years and that was long before the #MeToo movement. CBS just fired Charlie Rose over allegations, so there seems little chance Y&R would have Michael Muhney back given Hunter King’s groping allegations against the actor.

Chelsea’s Exit Tied To Adam

Soap Opera News is often first with scoops and reported that Melissa Claire Egan is leaving the CBS soap. Young and the Restless spoilers from She Knows Soaps reveal that Chelsea feels cornered when Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) goes to the cops about the cash he found in the vents at the apartment she once shared with Adam. There’s also a hacking event related to Chelsea 2.0 that’s mysterious. Even CBS Soaps in Depth is now murmuring about Adam’s return.

Plus, Chelsea and Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) talked in depth recently about the differences between Adam and Nick and both admitted they miss their mutual ex. Y&R spoilers from Soap Central offer info that Chelsea’s exit might be coming soon because her relationship with Nick “spins out of control” as her past catches up with her, secrets come out, and Chelsea threatens someone who comes after her.

Chelsea’s Exit Tied To Adam, But No Recast Coming

A new Young and the Restless spoilers promo (see below) shows Nick telling Chelsea that something about the $250k he found “bothers her” but she won’t come clean when he asks her to “tell me what it is.” More hints about Egan’s exit being tied to Adam are also found in this video as she hides the bundle of cash after the cops give it back because they found it’s not tied to a crime.

Chelsea is shown at the Newman family crypt stashing the cash in Adam’s vault. That can’t be a coincidence. There’s also the matter of Christian’s paternity. While fans have been waiting for Chelsea or Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) to come clean, neither has. If Chelsea is planning to leave town to be with Adam, would she take both his sons with her since Adam knows about Christian?

Justin Hartley Return For Egan’s Exit

Y&R spoilers reveal that a quick look at Egan’s Instagram timeline shows she’s been sharing more photos than usual of her on set with workmates giving some the impression she might have been capturing goodbye moments as she’s rumored to have already filmed her final scenes for a February sweeps exit. However, there are some other swirling rumors that Adam will be back for Chelsea’s exit. TV Overmind previously leaked news that Hartley would reprise the role.

Remember that Hartley is a great friend offscreen with Melissa Claire Egan. She’s close pals with Hartley’s wife, Chrishell Hartley, and was even a bridesmaid at their wedding. Given Egan and Hartley’s close ties, Justin stopping by the set long enough to film scenes of Adam and Chelsea skipping town together would be a small favor to ask. Plus it would offer YR fans some much-needed closure.

If this YR spoiler proves true, don’t expect a recast, but the return of Justin Hartley for a moment to whisk his wife out of Genoa City. This is the perfect way for Mal Young to kill all the talk of recasting Adam. Chelsea taking Christian and Connor (or she and Adam deciding to let Nick keep the kid) as they run off for their happily ever after would close the door on recast rumors while giving Egan a worthy exit.

Plus, that approach leaves room for the return of Egan at a later date or the recast of both Adam and Chelsea at some point down the line if the CBS soap decides to bring them back. Even giving his schedule at This Is Us, Hartley would have time to pop over to the CBS studio for Adam to whisk Chelsea away from her Genoa City troubles!

Check back often for Y&R scoop on romantic sparks between Ashley and Victor, fans want Genie Francis back as Genevieve, and Nikki helping JT with his addiction. Watch CBS every day to catch Melissa Claire Egan’s final days as Chelsea exits Y&R during February sweeps and check back often for the latest The Young and the Restless spoilers.

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