Kaitlyn Bristowe Mocks ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Over Their Blogging Dreams After TV Fame

Kaitlyn Bristowe went on the Bachelorette, and while she did find love, Kaitlyn quickly became known as one of the more controversial stars of the show. While filming The Bachelorette, Kaitlyn wanted to treat all of the guys with respect, but she made a mistake when she slept with Nick Viall while filming the show. Even though sex does happen while the contestants film the show, they are often able to hide it from the cameras. But Bristowe picked Shawn Booth at the end, and they are still together despite the bad Bachelor odds. It sounds like Kaitlyn is now joking about the Bachelor franchise.

She has previously been angry with the franchise, as she wasn’t invited to various reunion shows. It doesn’t really make sense, as Kaitlyn is still with the man she proposed to during the finale. She’s proof that the process can work. But now, Bristowe is mocking some of the contestants, as many people launch blogs after appearing on the show. According to a new tweet, Kaitlyn Bristowe reveals that people who want money and fame should just go on The Bachelor and start blogging once they are eliminated. She also hints that perhaps advertisers are waiting for them to have a blog.

“Hey Kaitlyn! Do you have any advice for a college student like me in the sense of paying for their education?” a fan wrote to Bristowe, to which Kaitlyn replied, “Go on the bachelor and sell flat tummy tea. No debt. Great money. Also, just kidding. Kind of.”

Of course, Kaitlyn Bristowe doesn’t hide the fact that she has also taken advantage of this. She has often been slammed for promoting products to her Bachelorette fan base and social media following. And unlike some of her other Bachelorette friends, Bristowe has been open about her work with advertisers. As she pointed out, it makes sense for her to work from home and work with these advertisers, so she can do what she’s passionate about. But it is interesting that she’s encouraging and joking about other people doing the same thing. It’s no secret that many women have tried to find fame by blogging about beauty, fashion, and their kids after being sent home from The Bachelor.

Kaitlyn Bristowe is continuing to keep a low profile with her future husband, Shawn Booth. The two haven’t really spent time in the spotlight, which might be why their relationship is working so well after being reality television stars.

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