NBA Rumors: LeBron James To Lakers ‘Very Much In Play,’ FS1’s Colin Cowherd Says

As the NBA rumors about LeBron James continue ahead of his upcoming free agency, a move to Los Angeles Lakers is still not out of the realm of possibilities. For months now, analysts and fans have speculated on James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers in search of a new team to play for. Most likely, that team would have the chance to contend, but more importantly, it would be a team playing in a large market city location. That would include teams in New York or Los Angeles. The Lakers looked like they might be off the list due to their timeline for success, but now it seems they’re still a team LeBron could join.

On a recent episode of FS1‘s The Herd, sports talk show host and personality Colin Cowherd discussed a recent call he received regarding LeBron James. Cowherd said he was told that LeBron to the Lakers is still “very much in play” based on James’ team moving. That team consists of specialists, trainers, nutritionists, and others who work with “King” James, and based on what Cowherd was told, “none of his team members have a place in Houston.” There had been some speculation that James might head to the Rockets to team up with fellow All-Stars Chris Paul and James Harden, but that seems out of the possibilities now.

Fox Sports 1‘s Cowherd has frequently discussed LeBron James and initially talked up his possibility of heading to L.A. to play for Magic’s Lakers team. However, the team has had its share of struggles this season. While Lonzo Ball looks like a great potential playmaker for the future of the franchise, he brings a father with him who is outspoken and could cause a “circus” for the team, something LeBron might want to avoid. Those reasons had Cowherd believing that James might cross off the Lakers as a potential landing spot in free agency.

Cowherd talked about what he heard from his “trusted source” in the video clip via Twitter below.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ superstar has spent several seasons with his original team now, after leaving for the Miami Heat to win his first championships. Upon bringing one NBA title to Cleveland, the Cavs have been unable to contend with the mighty Golden State Warriors. Due to that, the speculation continues that he may not stay with the Cavs despite their attempts to bring in multiple All-Star caliber players to the lineup including recent additions Derrick Rose and Isaiah Thomas.

The Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star becomes a free agent later this year and will once again be making headlines as he makes the next big decision to possibly shape the remaining years of his career. Based on the recent hoopla, he may actually be contemplating bring his personal team to Los Angeles so he can be a part of the legendary Lakers franchise.

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