‘Uniom’: More Money Wasted As Trump’s ‘State Of Union’ Tickets Being Reprinted After Viral Wrong Spelling

Just as the nation was buzzing about First Lady Melania Trump’s 21 flights that cost the U.S. more than $675,000 during a three-month period when Melania lived in Trump Tower, as reported by the Inquisitr, more news about political expense is breaking. The wrong spelling on tickets to President Donald J. Trump’s first State of the Union address is getting buzz on Monday, January 29, one day prior to the important speech. As seen in the below photos, the blue tickets inviting the “115th Congress” to the “Address to the Congress” read that it is a speech regarding the “State of the Uniom” instead of the “State of the Union.”

According to Laura Barron-Lopez of the Washington Examiner in the below tweet from her verified Twitter account, the typo on the tickets that read “Uniom” means that Republicans might have to recall all of the tickets that contain the error, according to two Democratic aides. It’s not clear what the expense of the recall of the tickets and reprinting would be.

Update: As reported by NBC News, the “Uniom” mistake means the tickets are being reprinted.

Senator Marco Rubio also made fun of the misspelling, as seen in the below photo, with Rubio quipping that he was looking forward to tomorrow’s “State of the Uniom.” On the White House’s website, the “State of the Uniom” misspelling was not a problem, with the word “Union” spelled correctly on the page that details the invited guests to the speech.

On Twitter, the president’s first State of the Union ticket typo is getting plenty of feedback, as witnessed by a search for the world “uniom.”

As reported by the Hill, plenty of jokes followed the news of the misspelling of the word, with social media users quipping that perhaps Betsy DeVos was in charge of spelling “uniom” incorrectly.

Lots of close-up photos of the blue tickets are appearing on Twitter, along with the hashtag #SOTUniom.

Others are joking that the mistake was one that a printer intentionally made, laughing to himself about being a part of the resistance movement against Trump. Research on the word “uniom” proves it is an actual word with Polish roots, that could represent a plural form of union.

The word uniom, according to Wiktionary, is a word with Polish etymology and a plural of unia.

As reported by CBS News, Trump’s first State of the Union speech will be held on Tuesday, January 30 at 9 p.m. E.T.

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