Two Disneyland Audio-Animatronics Lose Their Heads This Weekend As Videos Go Viral

Considering the attractions inside the Disney Parks are made by man, there is always the possibility that something can go wrong. There are many good reasons as to why attractions shut down for refurbishment and two very good examples happened this weekend at the Disneyland Resorts in California and Paris. Guests at the theme parks witnessed two audio-animatronics (one in each) ended up losing their heads for a while and the sure-to-be viral videos and pictures were captured by guests.

Usually, cast members are right on top of things and will shut down an attraction or cease operation of a ride if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, many of those attractions are quite dark and it isn’t always possible to see everything that goes wrong in a quick amount of time.

On Sunday, it just seemed like it was a bad day to be an audio-animatronic out in a Disney Park and of course, guests caught everything on camera.

As reported by WPLG Local 10, the impressive Ursula animatronic in Ariel’s Undersea Adventure in Disney California Adventure had some problems. The evil sea-witch kept on singing and taunting guests as they rode by where she sat in the attraction, but she was doing it all without her head.

Yes, it is a little frightening to see.

It’s not yet known just how long the animatronic of Ursula continued on in that fashion before the ride closed to fix her. No matter what, it was quite “scary” as one guest can be heard saying on the video and it would be a shock to see when riding through the world of The Little Mermaid.

Now, sometimes, there is just trouble spread across the world and the Disney Parks can often mirror one another without even trying.

Not only did Ursula have some problems, but the famous auctioneer pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean was a bit off as well. The famous Disneyland Paris attraction showed guests a different look and as with Ursula, it was also caught on camera.

The broken animatronic of the auctioneer was likely fixed overnight, but there are still some more changes coming to the Pirates of the Caribbean soon. Both versions – Disneyland and Walt Disney World – are about to see the famous redhead scene undergo some alterations and they’ll be happening in the next couple of months. Disneyland Paris already had the changes come about back in the summer.

Problems are always going to happen on theme park rides and in shows that feature audio-animatronics, but that doesn’t make them any less disturbing or humorous. Both the Pirates of the Caribbean and Ariel’s Undersea Adventure will get fixed up with the auctioneer and Ursula both being reattached to their heads. Disneyland Paris and Disney California Adventure had interesting Sundays, and social media means having it shared with the world.

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